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  5. "Táim féin-chomhfhiosach."

"Táim féin-chomhfhiosach."

Translation:I am self conscious.

January 4, 2015



I love words like these, becuase they're easier to pronounce than they're written!


I am wondering how that is.


Chomhfhiosach looks like a compound word in itself (because it ignores the CLC;LLL rule), so chomh = [chou/chuhv], fhiosach = [i-səch]. [Chou-i-səch / Chuhv-i-səch]. Someone who has more Irish, please feel free to correct me. And I didn't use IPA intentionally; no need to complicate things for those who don't know how to read it.


The word "fiosach" seems to be used sometimes but I could not find it in an online dictionary. Does anybody know what it means?


focloir says for counsciously "go feasach" but close enough I guess. Thanks.


Can you give us an example of where it is used sometimes?

comhfhiosach can be used for certain meanings of "conscious", and is used in other compound words like fo-chomhfhiosach (subconscious), leath-chomhfhiosach (semi-conscious) and neamh-chomhfhiosach (unconscious).


The Corpus of Contemporary Irish yielded the following sentence:

"Anois agus arís cuirtear é seo in iúl go fiosach:"


In the New Dictionary, under 'self conscious' féin-chomhfhiosach is defined as 'deliberate, affected,' while other words are given for the sense 'shy'. But under 'self consciousness' , féin-chomhfhios is given the meaning of shyness.


The word comhfhiosach means “conscious” in its philosophical sense, i.e. “aware of one’s own existence or awareness”, so féin-chomhfhiosach really means “self-conscious” in its “aware of oneself as an individual being” meaning, which is why the meaning of féin-chomhfhiosach can be “deliberate, affected”, e.g. in describing someone’s acting performance. It doesn’t mean “self-conscious” in its “uncomfortable with one’s own behavior or appearance” meaning; that English meaning is only approximated with Irish words such as cotúil or náireach, which have meanings closer to “bashful” or “diffident”.


Thank you so much for the clarification!


"Self-conscious" is spelled with a hyphen in English.


Why are such contrived words being introduced! If you go to focloir.ie they give a self-conscious girl cailín cotúil As you would with any other language you ask what does this actually mean. hmmm ....shy I will look this up and then use an actual Irish word


In defence of Duolingo here, given the limited vocabulary they are able to expose us to, I think it's a good idea to familarise us with the morphology of compounds here and there, with this as an example.

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Duolingo teaches "cúthail" for "shy", and "féin-chomhfhiosach" for the "deliberate, affected" meaning of "self-conscious", exactly as that focloir.ie entry you refer to explains.

Is duine cúthail é - He is a shy person https://www.duolingo.com/comment/17765358
Cheannaíomar madra cúthail - We bought a shy dog. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10280662



Interesting. Two related words are:

Unconscious = neamh-chomhfhiosach. Since neamh is heaven, I suppose this means one's consciousness is in heaven.

Subconscious = fo-chomhfhiosach. I'd suppose this is a literal translation by using fo meaning sub-.

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neamh is also a negating prefix - there are a few exercises on Duolingo using neamhspleách - "independent" (spleách is "dependent").

Other examples are tabhair neamhaird ar for "ignore" versus tabhair aird ar for "pay attention to"
neamhphósta -"Unmarried"
neamhréasúnach - "Irrational", "Unreasonable"
neamhrialta - "Irregular"

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