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  5. "Táim féin-chomhfhiosach."

"Táim féin-chomhfhiosach."

Translation:I am self conscious.

January 4, 2015



I love words like these, becuase they're easier to pronounce than they're written!


I am wondering how that is.


Chomhfhiosach looks like a compound word in itself (because it ignores the CLC;LLL rule), so chomh = [chou/chuhv], fhiosach = [i-səch]. [Chou-i-səch / Chuhv-i-səch]. Someone who has more Irish, please feel free to correct me. And I didn't use IPA intentionally; no need to complicate things for those who don't know how to read it.


The word "fiosach" seems to be used sometimes but I could not find it in an online dictionary. Does anybody know what it means?


focloir says for counsciously "go feasach" but close enough I guess. Thanks.


Can you give us an example of where it is used sometimes?

comhfhiosach can be used for certain meanings of "conscious", and is used in other compound words like fo-chomhfhiosach (subconscious), leath-chomhfhiosach (semi-conscious) and neamh-chomhfhiosach (unconscious).


The Corpus of Contemporary Irish yielded the following sentence:

"Anois agus arís cuirtear é seo in iúl go fiosach:"


In the New Dictionary, under 'self conscious' féin-chomhfhiosach is defined as 'deliberate, affected,' while other words are given for the sense 'shy'. But under 'self consciousness' , féin-chomhfhios is given the meaning of shyness.


The word comhfhiosach means “conscious” in its philosophical sense, i.e. “aware of one’s own existence or awareness”, so féin-chomhfhiosach really means “self-conscious” in its “aware of oneself as an individual being” meaning, which is why the meaning of féin-chomhfhiosach can be “deliberate, affected”, e.g. in describing someone’s acting performance. It doesn’t mean “self-conscious” in its “uncomfortable with one’s own behavior or appearance” meaning; that English meaning is only approximated with Irish words such as cotúil or náireach, which have meanings closer to “bashful” or “diffident”.


Thank you so much for the clarification!


Why are such contrived words being introduced! If you go to focloir.ie they give a self-conscious girl cailín cotúil As you would with any other language you ask what does this actually mean. hmmm ....shy I will look this up and then use an actual Irish word


In defence of Duolingo here, given the limited vocabulary they are able to expose us to, I think it's a good idea to familarise us with the morphology of compounds here and there, with this as an example.


"Self-conscious" is spelled with a hyphen in English.


I believe @danubir is mentioning this because Duolingo says that we are "missing a space" when we type it correctly


Interesting. Two related words are:

Unconscious = neamh-chomhfhiosach. Since neamh is heaven, I suppose this means one's consciousness is in heaven.

Subconscious = fo-chomhfhiosach. I'd suppose this is a literal translation by using fo meaning sub-.


neamh is also a negating prefix - there are a few exercises on Duolingo using neamhspleách - "independent" (spleách is "dependent").

Other examples are tabhair neamhaird ar for "ignore" versus tabhair aird ar for "pay attention to"
neamhphósta -"Unmarried"
neamhréasúnach - "Irrational", "Unreasonable"
neamhrialta - "Irregular"

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