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Team Irish: Help a father out with a bedtime routine

My son has a poem he loves. It comes from the book "Time for Bed" by Mem Fox. My wife has learnt to say the poem in Spanish, Italian, French and German. (She is passable at German. The other languages she's only learnt to say this poem. Nothing more. Friends helped her out with translation). My son loves the different languages.
I'd love to be able to do Irish. The poem:

The stars on high are shining bright
Sweet dreams my darling
Sleep well
Good night.

I'd super appreciate this being translated. I'm only up to Time/Date, Ireland, Family. (The last of the 2nd part.)

At the end of the day, I'm terrible at languages and for me to learn the above, it'll probably be a treat for his 18th birthday. I'm loving learning Irish which is why I'm up to where I am. (You know you are doing well when at Christmas in a small country town, an uncle asks what you've drunk and you reply "Gach rud". I was plastered at this stage. To answer in Irish whilst that wasted? Good effort. Don't recommend this however.)

Thanks in advance, and I hope I can return this favour (pay it forward) someday!


January 4, 2015



Going with a literal translation here. Might not be the most "Irish" way to say it, however.

Tá na réaltaí ag taitneamh go geal

Codladh sámh a stór

Codladh sámh

Oíche mhaith

I realized I repeated codladh sámh, but it's the best translation for "sweet dreams" and "sleep well". If you want, I can use another of the recommended ones instead. Could also work on the rhyme scheme if you'd like.


Read this to my boy tonight. He loved it. Asked me to do it 3 more times.

Thank you!


Does the poem have the same ABCA rhyme scheme in each of the translations that your wife has memorized?


Not really. They're moderately close, but it also depended on the person translating them.


I had an operation and as I came round the nurse in a strong Co. Longford brogue asks "How are ye doing?" to which I reply "Tá mé ceart go leor" So it seems alcohol or (a legal dose of) opiates have the same effect!

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