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Please remove Sticky Posts from the general discussion stream.

Being subscribed to most subforums on duolingo, the general discussion stream has become basically unreadable because the first two pages are just sticky posts. They should only be on the top of the forum where they‘re relevant (e.g. the Dutch megathread “Welcome Students” is perfect on the top of the dutch forum, but it doesn’t need to be on the frontpage too).

So here is my suggestion: for the general discussion stream, treat sticky posts as normal ones. An exception could be made for posts stickied in the Duolingo subforum, perhaps, but only for that.

January 4, 2015



This would be great. Even though, I haven't subscribed to very many subforums, I plan to increase that number when few new courses come out and I can see how it can get problematic. (Btw, there are 83 subforums as per my calculation on Duolingo. Have you really subscribed to most?)


How are there so many? I have subscribed to all the English > New Language ones, plus the duolingo general, and English + French for German speakers.


As a subscriber to 15 forums, I agree.


I agree entirely, they are actually annoying me now. Good suggestions.


I raised this a couple of months ago. For previous responses, please see here:



I would really love this feature. I want to stay subscribed to a few forums, but always having their stickies there is annoying me....

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I'm not sure if this proves useful, but you could always click the 'New' tab which makes the stickies "disappear". :)

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