"Jag tar av mig strumporna."

Translation:I take off my socks.

January 4, 2015

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Literally, I take the socks off of me. I always have to remember this when dealing with articles of clothing on the body, whether wearing them, taking them off, putting them on.


Why is it strumporna not strumpor?


Swedish often prefers the definite form where English uses a possessive pronoun. Read more here.


why is it not ¨mina strumporna¨


Of the same reason that English does not say: 'My the socks'. When a noun is in the definite form, the definition can either be only the definite article (here plural -orna) or with a pronoun ('mina strumpor'), or some other determining word. But in this sentence: Jag tar av mig strumporna I suspect you mix up 'mig' which has to do with the verb, with 'mina' that definies the noun. We say "ta av sig", reflexive form, to show that it is I who take off my own socks on myself, where as English just say 'take off' and instead put the definition on the noun, as being 'my socks'. I hope this did not mix it up to much for you.


I could also say "Jag tar av mina strumpor", but then It is not 100% sure that I take them off my own feet, someone could have borrowed my socks, e.g. my daughter, and I took them off her feet ...


But can I leave my hat on?


Can you translate this "I take the socks off"? If you take them off from another person?


Your English sentence is possible, but then you would have to change the Swedish sentence to: "Jag tar av strumporna" - and without 'mig' it becomes ambigous, if you mean your own socks or somebody elses, with a slight leaning to somebody elses, since we would prefer to use 'tar av mig' (reflexive verb-form) when referring to 'my own'


There doesn't seem to be a "my" in there in the Swedish - it just means I take off (myself) the socks - they could be anyone's socks that I'm wearing unless I specify "mina" as well as "mig". Plus I'd have thought "strumporna" meant "the socks" not just "I take off socks" - possibly this would work better if the my was included


Swedish uses definite forms in the place of possessive pronouns. "Strumporna" shows possession in the definite form, thus you do not need "mina." However, you could also say "Jag tar av mina strumpor."


Can we put the (av) in the end of the sentence like in English? eg: I take my socks off


Since "av" is, I assume, related to the English "of", and means both "of" and "off", does that mean that "of" and "off" are related and not just false friends of each other?

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