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What we're learning

Am I the only one who finds the stuff we learn to be extremely random and rather useless? Or just kind of strange? I'm learning how to say "The hat has flowers," "The people have hunger," and "The girl reads the recipes." I don't understand why I'm learning stuff like this instead of things I can actually use in every day conversation.

November 5, 2012



I've read that by the time children are 5 years old they have spent about 10,000 hours learning their native language. Most of us want to learn (if not master) a new language in a little less time. Learning the grammar, I think, is a key element to acquiring a new language. The sentences could be more creative, but while you are getting the basics of the grammar down I think short and simple sentences are appropriate. Once you have a working knowledge of the grammar and a few hundred words of vocabulary, things start to get more interesting.


all the students wants to know the secret ... at the first day if it's possible. no way! you need patience.


The learning can also come from making your own sentences with the words you learn here.


"The people have hunger" isn't actually strange, though it sounds awkward in English. It's just how you say "The people are hungry" in German. You would use the same phrasing to say "I am hungry", which is pretty useful to know in every day conversation. ;)


i think it's jsut so you memorise the vocabulary and get basic structures so you can put sentences together yourself later on, if you just want handy phrases then i'm sure there will be a website for things like that like 'i come from' 'i would like' etc. but i think this wants to build you up so you don't just need to memorise useful phrases but will eventually be able to use the language itself. Also as a lot of people here have said some of the stuff that sounds silly is often due to the grammar used in the english solution, for example the woman learns sounds pretty useless but it also means the woman is learning, which you can put in a sentence, the woman is learning French or equally I am learning German!! But yes some of the examples are very silly.

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