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Ability to move Tips and Notes

When you want to read the Tips and Notes in a lesson, you can't, because it can't be fully shown on the screen. Now I every time have to zoom out to be able to read it, but most people don't know how. It isn't really efficient or handy... Maybe it could be moved back to its previous place on the right? Or we can drag it to the place we want?

January 4, 2015



See what you mean. That is a good idea, or we could just have the tips an notes smaller and appear like discussions in the middle and to exit you just click back to the lesson. Happy learning! :D

EDIT: Sorry about the image, I'll try to get a smaller one. :D

EDITED EDIT: Sorry, too small. Can't please everyone, ya know!


seeing the same thing tips and notes run off the left side page


agreed nearly impossible. What about people that need a larger font? how about letting the text flow and scroll too


I don'e even see tips and notes. Where are they? Also, I haven't been able to figure out where to type an answer when translating the articles they provide. I sent a query to DouLingo, but got no answer. Can anybody tell how to do it?


Would like it put back the way it was

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