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Activities shown and people you follow

Couldn't we choose what activities we want to see? Sometimes one of the friends you follow changes the target languages and do not use Spanish or English anymore, and if it is a very active person it is the only person that you find in "Activity", although you are not interested in their translations any more, because whenever you try to use the same article you find it is in a different language than those which you are interested in. I would like to know at first sight the language of the proofread and to be able to choose not to follow someone who has changed for ever the laguage he or she is using. Sorry for my English, I am learning. My native language is Spanish but I am trying to improve in translating from Spanish into English.

January 4, 2015

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This is an interesting idea! I like it. You're right, if they are very active they may be translating a lot, which shows up on the Activity tab. But, most people will at least stick to one language a day, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue. If it really becomes a hindrance to you, you could always unfollow them!

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