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  5. "That thing is used often."

"That thing is used often."

Translation:Baintear úsáid as an rud sin go minic.

January 4, 2015



Tá mearbhall orm. So is baintear- the passive of "bíonn"?

And is "Bíonn an rud sin á úsáid go minic" also correct?


baintear is the autonomous (not passive in native speech, but agentless; akin to English "One uses that often.") form of bain. Another way to say "use" is bain úsáid (literally "take use")


An cabhrach! So could I say "baintear taitneamh as" to mean "one enjoys it"?


So does "baintear taitneamh as" literally mean take enjoyment from it?


"out of", as in someone is getting some use out of that thing


Is there any way to know whether we're supposed to use Báin or Úsáid? When would one be used instead of another to say "I use X"? I don't recall anyone explain when one form would be used over another.

[deactivated user]

    You know the rules in English that tell you when to use "use" and when to make use of "make use of"?

    Just use those rules.


    Since this exercise has "That thing is used often" shouldn't that be translated with Úsáid instead of Bain as this exercise has it. Several different exercises on DL also seem to be a violation of your suggestion.


    Wait, there is a rule to it?

    [deactivated user]

      That's my point - there isn't a rule for it, in English or Irish, it's a matter of style.

      Apparently this was a bit subtle for Neal too.

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