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a little help?

Hej, my name is Gabriel and I just started to learn Swedish (barely level 6), so far jag älskar svenska, it is really important for me to learn this language and be able to communicate in a fairly effective way, since I am planning to move to Stockholm with my fiancee later this year, and I need to start working there as soon as possible (I am a nurse by the way) so if you could help me a little with some suggestions to make the learning process a little more effective and quick also websites or chat rooms where I can practice constantly and pick up both grammar and vocabulary specially if it is medical oriented, I would really appreciate it a lot, thanks a lot beforehand :)

January 4, 2015



http://en.bab.la/dictionary/english-swedish/ is an accurate dictionary that gives example sentences for most words to show how they are used in context. The website also includes phrases. http://www.wiktionary.org/ is a good source if you are trying to find the gender or different forms of a word. You can type the Swedish word in the search bar or look for translations under the English word. If you would like any practice holding a conversation in Swedish (I am a non-native Swedish speaker), I would be more than happy to help you. If you have any questions regarding grammar or vocabulary or anything else related to Swedish at all, I'd be glad to answer them :)


You're going to have to retrain a bit (unless your certification transfers -- I know it doesn't for american nurses but it varies from country to country), but once you get your personnummer when you get there, there are some fast track Swedish programs for people in the medical field. Here is once such course, in Södertälje kommun ( http://www.sodertalje.se/Barn-Utbildning/Vuxenutbildning1/Utbildningar/Sfa-medicin/About-Sfa-medicin-in-English/ ).

There's probably something similar where you end up living if you are in/near a big city.

Good luck!


thanks a bunch for all the info, do you happen to know if I can get my person number while doing the retraining? and how much time does the retraining take? my fiancee is already there but we haven't been able to figure these things out just yet :P


Getting your personnummer and registering for Försäkringskassan (state insurance ) are the first things you do when you get there. It takes a few weeks usually. Then you can sign up for classes through your local SFI centrum and Komvux. Everything else I know is specific to Stockholms Lan (good schools etc ) and depends on your visa type and residency status. (if you're coming on a sambo visa (and your partner is a Swedish citizen) and you have lived together for several years before the move, you will automatically get permanent residency and be eligible immediately for studiestöd - grants of about 3k sek a month so long as you pass your classes)

I think through this course here you have the potential to test out of some of SFI, but my advice is don't test out of it completely - there's a monetary bonus if you come from outside the EU and finish SFI in less than a year from your arrival. It was 14k SEK about 2 years ago.


thank you so much, my fiance is Venezuelan like me, but this clarifies a lot of doubts and gives me a lot of hope to achieve the goal of moving to Stockholm O I will work extra hard to master this awesome language and pass this info to my fiance so we can figure the best way for me to start working as soon as possible, again, thanks a LOT ^^


Like I said, some things only apply to certain kinds of visas, so you need to check yourself.

One last link about nursing, in English: http://www.socialstyrelsen.se/applicationforswedishlicencetopractiseothercountries/nurseresponsibleforgeneralcare

These are the steps you will need to take to be certified as a nurse in Sweden. You can start by having your fiancee getting your documents translated now so you can be ready with an application as soon as possible! That will cut some of the time needed.


I recommend returning to the Swedish forum and looking in the "Popular". There are some great grammar explanations there. As for the other stuff, hopefully some other folks come in with some great links. Good luck Gabriel! ^_^


"Swedish Medical Center" is also the name of a hospital in Seattle, so that's really messing with my google results! :D

Here's a dictionary for medical terms.

This looks like it could be helpful maybe a little further down the line.

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