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I started doing this and it helped me IMMENSELY so I figured I should share. It's not a new idea, but I keep a notebook of all the stuff I do in Duolingo. My first page was about definitive articles, which in Italian can be a little weird. I then moved on to a page about indefinite, then masculine and feminine nouns, then to verb conjugation. I use About.com's Italian sections, and it is an amazing resource! After I got tons of grammar out of the way, I wrote a page on Basics 1 + 2. Then Common Phrases, adding more phrases I thought were good to know. I add all the new vocabulary from each unit at the end after I have finished so I can get it all alphabetical. I separate the verbs from the rest of the vocabulary and I conjugate each one. It was really annoying after an entire verb unit. Or I will separate each list of vocabulary from each unit into what distinguishes them (for Food I separated actual food from other things) Like I said, not anything to amazing, but just thought I would share. Do you do anything similar?

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For German I have been doing similar, including writing down an example sentence from each word in tree but now I'm up to the 3rd chunk of the tree I'm getting over it and feel as if I'm not getting help by doing this method lol also makes it kind of boring so I will look at another way I think!

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