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Dysfunctional Audio

In the past few days the audio for my lessons will sometimes not work or stop working half way through even though it worked perfectly before. This is making it really hard to get through a lesson because I can't hear any of the listening comprehension questions. Anyone else having / had this issue? Just trying to figure out if the error is stemming from duolingo or my computer so I can figure out how to trouble shoot. OS is windows 8.1 if that info helps!

January 4, 2015



You'll need to move this to the Troubleshoting forum, and edit your post to point out that you're specifically talking about the Swedish course. :)

How to Subscribe to a Forum and How to Use Troubleshooting.


Ah sorry! I will be sure to post on troubleshooting forum in the future.


Is this specifically for Swedish, or does it happen in your other languages too? Do you always do your languages in a specific sequence, like Swedish last? Does this last only for a single question and then work again a few minutes later?

When it stops working, can you still go to YouTube and play a music video? If even that's broken, can you play music using another application? If yes to the first, then it might be Duolingo. If yes to the second, then it's your computer.

I don't know about Windows 8.1, but I used to have an issue where my Flash would just poop out after a while. I would have to restart my browser--and sometimes my computer--to get the Flash working again. Because the audio is Flash-based (I think), it's worth:

  1. Checking your settings to make sure there's nothing stopping a plugin from playing (Adblock and Ghostery might be problematic, as is the "ask to play" setting for any plugin relating to audio, media or Flash. You can also just put Duolingo.com on the whitelist so the setting or extension applies to everything on the web except Duolingo.

  2. Checking for Flash updates. (And maybe other plugins too? Someone else want to chime in?)

  3. Restarting your browser, or even your computer.

  4. Trying a different browser. If you only have Internet Explorer, go install Chrome or Firefox and try it again. If it works fine, then either IE can't handle something (not surprising) or you have some setting or extension that is interfering with the way sound is handled.


Tack så mycket!! It was the adblock that was giving me problems, once I exempted duolingo I didn't have any problems. Very helpful, thank you!!

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