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"He did not speak much with his previous girlfriend."

Translation:Han talte ikke meget med sin forrige kæreste.

January 4, 2015



Is there a specific situation in which to use forrige instead of tidligere


I believe tidligere would better translate as earlier rather than previous. The root is tid, referring to time. Forrige has the root of for referring more to position Native speakers can you confirm?


talte and snakkede means the same...


Not exactly. Taler is to speak, snakker is to talk. For instance "Jeg taler dansk" i speak danish, as opposed to "Jeg snakker med min venner" i talk with my friends. They like to use them interchangably but i don't think that's correct


The first option would have been alright if the pronoun was correct. Sin instead of jeres


What about sidste kæreste?

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