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Support Button Disappeared

Shouldn't there be a support button at the side?

January 4, 2015



Did you just switch back to French form a course that is in beta? If so, try refreshing your page.


Hrm... If refreshing didn't work, try clearing your browser cache then signing back in. If it's still not there, staff might need to check it out. It's happened before. So, it might be a matter of waiting it out. Meanwhile, you can contact support by email instead of using the button at support@duolingo.com :)


Thanks for the email address!

The button still isn't there:p



SbC linked me this thread and your comment here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30150643$comment_id=30150819

Personally I do not think that (as an IT guy) it makes very much sense to make it public in plain text format on a forum comment as all spam bots are eager to catch new e-mail addresses and misuse them.

So the best is IMHO to not publish them on the forums as all threads are auto-indexed on search engines.

Or if you choose to do, you would have to do it in an encrypted form like xyz at domain dot com (all with blanks).

Not sure if you do agree on with me or what your and other people's (I always get the "'", "'s" or "its" grammar wrong ;)) opinion and experience is on this.

PS: Ich wünsche Euch viel Spaß beim Silvester feiern in den USA!

My 2cents

Viele Grüße



It used to be in plain view and staff have shared it here and there. Though, much less regularly these days. I'll check in and see if we should begin removing those as we locate them now. TY! :)

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