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Swedish Supine w/o Aux. Verb

I was reading the newspaper today, and came across the following sentence: '[m]en Leclerc sade på söndagen att hans uttalande tagits ur sitt sammanhang och att han inte vid något tillfälle varit emot begravningen.' I see two instances of the supine, 'tagits' and 'varit', but no accompanying form of 'att ha'. The sentence makes sense, but is omitting 'har' common/dialectal/allowed? What's going on here? Is this an advanced topic not covered by Duolingo?

January 4, 2015



It is allowed in some cases, and actually pretty common in written Swedish. Although I would guess many swedish native writers are not even aware that they (sometimes) do omitt the "har" (or "hade"). I wouldn't worry too much about it unless you're very advanced - it is never wrong to keep the "har"/"hade".


Jag förstår! Tack så mycket!


Har/hade can be omitted in subclauses (begin with "att") and relative clauses (begin with "som"). Possibly other places too, those are the two I can think of now. It's equally common in speech as well, and the same rules apply. IMO omitting them gives a better flow to the sentence and improves the style.


Actually, as far as I know it’s often seen as primarily a written thing, even though it occurs in speech as well of course. Here are some sources and further reading about the phenomenon. ([1] [2] [3])


Interesting! Actually, when thinking about it, I don't really have much support for it being a spoken thing. I will try to think about how I actually do it. Thanks for the links!

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