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"Type what you hear" never has any audio....

When I'm on the Italian or the Swedish version, I can never hear anything with the "type what you hear" sections, which has kept me from progressing with anything. It's not my computer, because all other audio works fine on the site. I certainly get all the 'wrong' noises because I have to skip those sections every time.

Am I the only one having this issue? Does anyone know how I can fix it? I've tried plugging in speakers or ear-phones, but nothing works, and it's frustrating doing the same thing over and over only to fail because of those questions not working.

January 4, 2015



I can give you some tips until you get this problem solved!

1) If you want to still do lessons until the audio is back, you can go to your settings and Turn off "microphone", and "voice autoplay", which will let you continue working on your duolingo lessons without having to do them.

2) Check if your Adobe Flash is updated. Last week, yesterday someone had the same problem, and that was the solution.


Thanks Sebastian, I'll try those :)


And just to add to this, some courses are undergoing some tests so audio might not be available or experiencing a glitch while the tests are in progress. Definitely use the tips above. But, change your settings back now and then to see if the problem is resolved. It's very good to substitute or even to add outside sources of listening comprehension. You can often find things on Youtube. :)

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