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  5. "Eres la persona adecuada."

"Eres la persona adecuada."

Translation:You are the right person.

July 23, 2013



I'd be a lot more likely to say "You are the right person" here even if it's not as direct a translation.


Me too often times i say you are not the right person


I actually wrote it that way and it was accepted as of 11/17/17


This sentence is a little unusual because there is usually some other words in the sentence like "you are the right person for the job." Do you see my point?


I can't see the top of this stream so I can't be sure, but it looks to me as if you are translating adecuada as the false friend adequate instead of by the correct translation appropriate or suitable.


While it might be more common to say the right person, no adult native speaker would find it strange or pretensious if someone said appropriate or suitable. These wordd are perhaps even more appropriate or suitable to the situation.


Does anyone know if this is as formal/awkward in spanish as it would be in english?


no, in English we use the term, "adequate" disparagingly, as in "you're good enough, but only just barely."

In Spanish it would be more of a compliment, you're a good fit, or even impressive or effective.


Thanks for clarifying this. I'll make sure not to be insulted! haha


lol, I agree. I can't imagine saying that to anyone. It's like saying You'll do.


That'll do pig.. that'll do


That'll do pig, that'll do


Autocorrect changed mine to 'you ATE the adequete person'


Matt, that cracked me up! ( An idiom meaning " ..made me really laugh hard!") I visualized your chosing the "meaty" person, not the scrawny one! :P


"...the appropriate person" was accepted. "OK. Who's going to tell the boss about the bug?" "Terry, you're the appropriate person. You've been working on the problem for the last 24 hours."


That is not the meaning. You are the Human Resource Director. You are the appropriate person to discuss my sexual harrasment claim with (Don't ask me where that example came from lol) I think Duo is trying to point out that in many contexts adequada is not a true cognate at all with adequate.


I put "You're an adequate person" and got it wrong


That's because "la" = "the." "You're an adequate person" would be "Eres una persona adecuada"


You said an instead of the. I did it, too. The adequate person is not very good grammatically.


A rather passive aggressive statement.


Claro que sí, soy la persona adecuada . . . jajajajajajajaja


I wrote... You are an adequate person and I got it wrong ..no worries there only it corrected me to say.. you are the adequate person?? Who would ever say that :[


No one would say that. Duo has a glitch in the way that it suggests answers as it tries to reflect your answer as closely as possible, but that causes its own problems. The problem is this. If you want to translate this sentence using the cognate adequate, it would not be proper to change the definite article to the indefinite article. The reason it sounds so strange is that the meaning of adecuado here is not adequate. It is suitable or appropriate. Spanish would have the same issue with saying You are the adequate person as English does.


Thank you for answering :)


Thanks - gets very near to clarifying it.


As an English teaher, I can say that you would not say, "the adequate person". You would more likely say that, "you are the right person".


Yes. Although adecuado is an obvious cognate of adequate, it has more meanings, one of which is appropriate. Unfortunately it seems Duo has fallen victim of users who insist that their translation is possible without realizing that it is not likely. Actually adecuado's primary definition is appropriate or suitable.



1- Adequate: enough or satisfactory for a particular purpose.

2- Suitable: acceptable or right for someone or something.

3- Appropriate: right for a particular situation or person.

4- Right: suitable or correct, or as it should be.


https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/adequate https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/suitable https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english-spanish/appropriate https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/right


I think both answers are correct


That phrase makes no sense. Proper dialogue would be preferred.


Aw, thanks, Duo, it's so nice to be adequate. You're adequate for me too!


Adecuada is mostly a false cognate. Adecuado para can be translated as adequate, but for the most part adecuado means suitable or appropriate.


Can you say 'derecha' instead of 'adecuada'?


No. "Derecha/o" means "right" only in the sense of direction (e.g., Turn right, or "I use my right hand"). Interestingly, the word "derecho" also refers to law studies (e.g., Es un estudiante del derecho porque quiere ser abogado).


Right = adequate ?????


Cognates are a great boon to language learners, but not all cognates are perfect fit for the word in the other language. That's why it is very important to have a good dictionary as that's the fastest way to discover the differences. Adecuada doesn't really mean adequate for the most part, although it can be used to mean adequate or sufficient when it comes to money. For the most part, adecuado means appropriate or suitable. Those words are perhaps more appropriate here, but right is more common.

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