"Det är mina nycklar."

Translation:It is my keys.

January 4, 2015

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Why shouldn't this be "dom är mina nycklar"?


det does not refer to the keys, it is an empty word referring to 'the thing I am talking about' and it does not change for gender or number. We usually compare it to 'it' in 'It is raining'.


I just wrote a longer post about this here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9708920


They (as in people) are my keys


What about "dem är mina nycklar".?


Apart from what I just wrote in answer to kathryn.ne, dem är mina nycklar is actually even worse. dem is an object form and can never be used as a subject in a sentence at all. (since de and dem are pronounced the same way, many Swedes struggle with this, so it is a pretty frequently made error, but it's still considered wrong).


I typed in "These are my keys", only to be told it has to be "Those are my keys."


Quite right. det can mean 'it' or 'that' – and in sentences like this, where you don't say 'It's my keys' in English – 'they' or 'those'. For 'these are my keys', we would have said det här or detta.


”They are my keys”. The correct answer in the English speaking country I live in.


I heard "de är mina nicklar". Is it wrong?


We normally don't say the t in det in everyday speech.

There's a clear difference between the /i/ sound and the /y/ sound, but the /y/ sound is usually hard for learners to pick up, so just keep listening and you'll hear the difference eventually.


Is "de är mina nycklar" gramatically correct and if so, would it not translate to "they are my keys"?

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