"För oss är det en ära."

Translation:For us it is an honor.

January 4, 2015

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Is it just me who (repeatedly) understands "för oss är det nära"?


Nope, I hear that too!


I agree, I've turned off the listen-and-type exercise since it's too tricky.
These two sentences do sound very much the same in real life so I still think the TTS is actually pretty good here.


This feels like a bit of a literal translation. It feels a bit clunky in english. Would 'It's an honour for us' be more appropriate?


Why does är det say "it is" in this sentence?


"An" honor? Not "a" honor ?


A is used for words that start with a consonant sound, ie: a House. An is for words that start with a vowel sound, ie: an (h)onor.


I actually never realized that lol, While learnibg Swedish I guess I'm learning more of English too.


Since the H of honor is pronounced the H must be dropped like I did. For words like herb H stays because the H is there but it is not pronounced. Some people maintain that in writing either way is OK but when I studied English in school in Italy with a British teacher, he insisted that even in writing should be dropped. However that was about a eon ago so may be the evolution of languages has changed everything!


The h in honor/honour can never be left out. It doesn't matter that it isn't pronounced - the correct spelling still uses it. As for herb, whether to pronounce the h is regional. I honestly (onestly? :p) don't know what your teacher was thinking.


I was not talking about the h of the ward but about the n of the article because I wrote it is "a honor" and was rejected. Duo wants : an honor. Of course the H MUST be there!


Oh, sorry. I misunderstood you. But the h in honour is silent, you don't pronounce it. Hence the "an".


Shouldn't the English sentence have a comma?


Yes, that'd be much better.


The new voice sounds like "För oss är det nära"

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