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"Av vilken anledning sitter hon i regeringen?"

Translation:For what reason is she in the government?

January 4, 2015



would this be like asking what her motives are for being in government? like "why did she want to be in government" or is this asking how she got into government in a more procedural sense, like "she was voted in because she's super awesome" or "she bribed a bunch of people with cotton candy and free tickets to the amusement park?"


Is there a difference between en anledning and en orsak?


From my perception, en anledning could mean "a reason" or "a cause," whereas "orsak" is more specifically "a cause." I'm not sure if that's a big enough difference to make them not interchangeable, though :)


I think I've seen "ingen orsak" translated as "no problem" (after someone says thank you). Is that right? Maybe like, "no cause to thank me, don't even worry about it" or "De nada"?


Tack. Were I to use en orsak in the sentence above, which preposition I should use. Would av still work?


Yes. Av would be an acceptable preposition.


For what reason does she sit in government - should be acceptable, IMO.


Does skäl also work here in place of anledning?


Yes, and it's an accepted answer (just remember it's ett skäl) :)


look at KhzDonut's comment from 4 years ago. In proper English, one is 'in government', not 'in the government' like the proposed translation requires. DL is really violating my sensibilities quite often ;(


What's the origin of anledning, is it built up from smaller parts? I couldn't find anything that makes sense for e.g. 'led' or similar.

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