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Retaining Information

How do you find yourself retaining the information that you have learned from your previous learning session? I find that I am working through the learning tree at a consistent rate, however before I start a new topic, I go back and retake lessons and strength tests before moving on to a new lesson.

Is this consistent with anybody else? Does anybody have any other suggestions or methods of retaining the information more effectively?

Thanks for any advise!

January 4, 2015



I have a notebook specifically for Swedish, where I write down my new vocabulary, the definitions, the pronunciations, and other variations (like declaratives or plural). I also write down interesting sentence structures that are tripping me up and rules that are introduced. Several pages are full-size tables in which I try to hammer home the patterns I'm learning.


I start with a trip to Memrise to check the lesson's vocab. I then go straight to Duo to use this new vocab and learn how it all goes together


I have to go back and do the strengthening exercises, too. When I started I was keeping a notebook of all the vocabulary, but then I got lazy. I do learn better when I write things down, and the notebook gives me a way to review quickly without having to go through a whole exercise.


I'm on the same strategy, I find that simply keeping the strengths full isn't necessarily enough, so retaking is important I think. A good way of consolidating is by watching tv shows in Swedish (such as Bridge) and listening out for words.


Thanks everyone. I originally started with a journal as well but found myself trucking though and forgetting to write in it. Looks like I'll keep with retaking lessons and keeping my strength up as well as journaling.

Adding Swedish TV sounds interesting. Any suggestions for online content? Youtube, etc.?


Netflix has a decent stash of Swedish shows/films, nothing is really free that's decent (as one would expect I suppose).


Except Duolingo. ;-)


Have you seen this guy? He's pretty entertaining. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSwedishLad


Even though a lot of the show is in English, ¨Allt för Sverige¨ is on Youtube. There are a couple of different seasons. The Americans on the show can sometimes be a bit dramatic (and clueless...) but it's interesting to see different parts of Sweden. I've also been watching children's shows at http://www.svt.se/barnkanalen/barnplay/ and with the Swedish subtitles on, I've been able to follow along.


It takes a while, but I also have a notebook reserved for Swedish in which I can write new vocabulary or grammatical rules. I also copy out by hand the tips that are at the beginning of certain skills.

If I am learning a new skill, I will work through all the lessons and then do a Timed Practice with strengthen skills until I can reach 20/20.

I will also complete a Timed Practice of each skill I have learned previously, assuming I have the time.

I also watch [The Swedish Lad] for fun.

[deactivated user]

    I make sure I strengthen my skills every day to ensure I'm remembering what I learned. I like to do the timed test to see how well I'm doing. Memrise is also helpful: http://www.memrise.com/course/457080/duolingo-swedish-en-or-ett-plural-endings/


    I worked through Dutch about one skill per day and retained it. I found that previous lessons kept coming up in new lessons so I remembered it.

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