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  5. "De ritar flera katter."

"De ritar flera katter."

Translation:They draw several cats.

January 4, 2015



Come on! I type in "many" and sometimes I'm wrong; "several" is wrong; now "multiple" is wrong! Make up your mind, Duolingo!


Added multiple.


why "many" doesn't suit in this case?


Many = många, a large number of something.

Several and multiple are just "more than one", essentially.


So would it be: En katt- a cat Flera katter- some cats, multiple cats, several cats- perhaps 2-5 or so Många katter- so many cats that you would be surprised to see them in one place

Is that right?


Almost, but not entirely. Flera katter can mean any number of cats more than one. Flera is not synonymous with några ("some, a few").


to me several always the correct answer. många- many multiple and several- flera


De should be pronounced like dom, right?


Yes. Both de and dem are pronounced like the English word "dome."


Is there a reason for this? Just curious, because there's no 'm'


I got this sentence on the second listen at fast pace, feeling a little chuffed! I used to need several listens including at least one slow-listen for much simpler phrases. Progress!


This may sound like a silly question, but do they draw several pictures of cats, or do they attract several cats?


I think rita is only to draw pictures. To draw as in "to draw in" or "draw water" would be dra, I think. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dra#Swedish


You have a typo in your answer. dem ritar flera katter

It is my understanding that the correct spelling of "de" is dem? Yet every time I spell it as dem I am told it is incorrect?


The subject form is de, the object form is dem. Here it is the subject of the sentence, so it must be de. Many native speakers of Swedish struggle with this, since both are pronounced dom.


Is valkommen like welcome to a place and not a reply to thank you or is it both?


Yes, only welcome to a place. The other one is varsågod.


Does varsagod have more than one meaning? Doesn't it mean both "there your are" and "you're welcome."


Bug! I wrote it correctly and it took it as wrong


Hi, if it ever happens to you that you type exactly the answer that is on top of this page, but don't get it accepted, could you please try to share a screenshot of that with us? Because if it's really a bug, it follows that we as course contributors can't fix it, the devs at Duo have to do it for us. And they won't budge unless they can see with their own eyes exactly what happened.

(if anyone wonders how to do that: upload a screenshot to an image sharing service such as imgur.com and share the link here)


Audio sounds ENTIRELY like D-Ohm. What? WHAT!?


I knew someone who would draw several cats on their school work and get in trouble for that.


Why is "They draw more cats" wrong?


If you want to "sketch" a cat would you use "ritar" or is there another word for sketch?


So...the verb es actually the same in past than it is in present?


I can't learn the sound for "ritar". I'm from Brazil. Could you help me with some tips? The "i" sound is something we don't have in our vocabulary.

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