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Talk to other people learning Danish! TeamSpeak server for practice

Hi language learners!

I have a good friend Robbss who runs a TeamSpeak (TS) server. This server has quite a high capacity, so you are all welcome to join his server. For all you who knows TS the IP is robbss.net.

For people who does not know TS, it's basically a Voice over IP server that you join and talk to other people on the server. Imagen a forum, where in stead of threats, you have "rooms" where you can talk to other people within that room topic. What my friend Robbss is doing in this analogy is hosting the forum. To join it you need the TS client which you can get (for free) at: http://www.teamspeak.com/. When you have downloaded and installed the client, click "Connections". the IP or server address is Robbss.net. Choose you nickname, leave password empty since there is none. Now click "Connect" and you are there! Now you can join (almost) any room, just double click it. You would probably want to go to the Duolingo section, but you are welcome to join other rooms (which are not Duo-related).

Bonus: TS can remember this server so you don't have to type robbss.net every time. Just go to "bookmarks" and click " Add to Bookmarks" while on the server. Now you can join it simply by clicking "Bookmarks" and pick the server.

Please tell me if you have any further questions! Hope to see you!

Regards, Wyrtz

January 4, 2015



Updated with more details due to questions regarding procedure.


Have a lingot! :D Nice work.


When I click on the link, it shows me that "the page you have requested does not exist. It's possible that it has been moved or no longer exists." :(


I get the same message on my side - Lord_Wyrtz can you please update?


UPDATE: We use the IP/server address miestasmia.com now, instead, for Teamspeak. :)


ok, thanks for the update, I wondered why I kept getting an error for the other one...


I am all set up and clicked on Danish Beginner. How do I know speak with someone?


We have scheduled calls on Satudays at 9pm UTC. In the meantime you could join the accompanying Slack group if you haven't already!


I have installed and logon TeamSpeak but seems no body is online ?

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