Vocabulary listing word count discrepancy

I am seeing discrepancies in the word count of vocabulary listings in sections of the French skill tree.

The example I will give is for the food section. If I go into the top level vocabulary listing it tells me that there are 46 words in Food. If I click on that it shows me the full listing of 46 words. So all correct so far.

However, in the vocabulary listing for food it then shows number of words per lesson on the right. It tells me that there are 7 lessons in that skill, each of which have 7 words. 7x7 = 49, not 46.

If I then click into each lesson I am shown the following number of words:

(Lesson : Words listed)

1 : 7

2 : 6

3 : 6

4 : 7

5 : 7

6 : 7

7 : 7

Total is 47 words. The listing hangs on lessons 2 and 3 after showing 6 words.

So by various means, duolingo is telling me I have 46, 47 or 49 words in my Food vocabulary listing.

July 23, 2013


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