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  5. "We pay today."

"We pay today."

Translation:Vi betaler i dag.

January 4, 2015



Would "I dag betaler vi" also work? I noticed that word order in a previous example.


That would also be legit to say. This word order makes no sense in English, but if you take German for example, you can also say both things: "Heute bezahlen wir" (I dag betaler vi) or "Wir bezahlen heute" (Vi betaler i dag)


Same in Dutch (vandaag betalen wij).


Follow up question: in my Italian both of these forms work as well but we could say "I dag vi betaler", would that work in Danish as well? Or is the inversion verb-subject necessary to keep the meaning of the sentence?


Everyone would understand what you mean but it would have a grammatical error. Because it is indeed necessary to swap around the words. So you have to say either "vi betaler i dag" or "i dag betaler vi". Any other word order is not correct.


in italian, changing the order gives a slightly different meaning: i dag betaler vi could answer to a question such as what happen today? today we pay. while vi betaler i dag can be the answer to when are you paying? we are paying today... in italian changing the position gives differet importance to the sentence and to the singular words. is it the same in danish?


You can say 'I dag betaler vi', but the important information in that sentence is that you pay 'i dag', not that you pay.

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