"My mother is a doctor."

Translation:Min mamma är läkare.

January 4, 2015

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In Dutch, only (small) children use mama and papa. Aduls and teenagers wil most of the time use 'moeder' en 'vader' (except when showing affection when they talk to their parents). Is this the same in Swedish, do only children use mamma and pappa, and adults mor and far?


mamma and pappa are the most common words even among adults. But mor and far sound more formal. Also, those two are used more in the south of Sweden, and sound less formal there than in the rest of the country. moder and fader aren't really used by anyone anymore.
More info here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5848211


Oh, why isn't the word "Moder" accepted?


I'm not a native speaker, but my understanding is that "moder" and "fader" are old-fashioned to the point of obsolescence. It would be like referring to your parents as your sire and dam.


That's correct. You will just sound really odd if you use these words. mor and far are more formal than casual, but still very much in use, use these instead.


But why would you teach us this word in family lesson then? There was zero opportunities to use it since that lesson...


But we don't teach moder and fader. As I said, moder is not even an accepted answer here.


Late answer @NattKullav but fader is indeed the correct way to call a catholic priest 'Father'. It would sound odd to call him pappa or far :D


then you should mark answer as "yellow", not as red. For, as in German "Mutter", "Vater" inside a talk between family members, fully old, but searching you will still find some using it. In northern German they still say "min moder"


Is it also strange to use "fader" with a catholic priest? Or call him by his name is better?


Is there a difference between läkare and doktor? Both are accepted, but it seems to prefer läkare.


en doktor can be a person who holds a doctorate in any subject (PhD, Doctor of Technology, Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Science, whatever), but en läkare is 'a physician', who usually does not have a doctorate degree.
In everyday speech though, we often say doktor when we mean läkare.


interesting fact, this is similar to the Polish word for an physician "lekarz"


Just a typo, it wouild be a physician. : D


I'm just trying to help


musta skipped a neuron; thanks for catching that one ;)


It has to be "en läkare", right?


No, it should not be 'en läkare'. We prefer not to use the article when saying someone "is" a profession. That's more like saying she is one doctor in English.


I'd like to ask about the apparent two words for doctor, here it is läkare but also doktor is used?

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