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  5. "A black book."

"A black book."

Translation:Een zwart boek.

January 4, 2015


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I thought that colour words in the middle of a sentence had a 'e' and when written at the end of the sentence the 'e' was dropped... is that not the general rule, or was it a coincidence?

December 29, 2016


Google translate spits out: "Een zwarte boek." Is this a regional difference? Also I noticed some dutch writers put a space before the period. Like so . Is this typical?


No, 'a black book' is always 'een zwart boek'.

I bet the space before the period is a typo, because I've never seen it before.. :P


I thought it was zwarte because there is an indefinite pronoun before and the het word becomes like a de word?

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