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"Jeg troede du havde mistet flyet."

Translation:I thought you had lost the plane.

January 5, 2015



Hmm. Lost the plane, or missed the flight ?


I wouldn't use this for missing a flight (as a native speaker)


OK! Thanks. I've done a bit of reading since, and I think it would be something like "Jeg kom for sent til flyet". Would that be more correct?


Literally it's "I came too late for the plane", so yes, it makes perfect sense to use it if you missed the flight (because you were late, that is). I think that would be the best way to say it. You might also be able to use "gik glip af" or "missede" (loanword from English). You could also replace "flyet" with "flyafgangen" to refer directly to the fligt. I hope you never miss or lose any planes!


And "I hope your roof never falls down while you are inside". (Very common Irish greeting)


rich people problems... you loose a plane here and there...


It can happen to anyone: you just put a plane down somewhere (or land it as the case may be), turn around two minutes later and it\s gone. And even though you look in all nearby airports, you can't for the life of you remember where you put it.


I think that a pilot could lose a plane just like a doctor can lose a patient. Right?


Lost the plane? Where do you remember putting it last?


Why can it not be "i believed you had lost the plane"?


I put "missed the flight" - not the literary translation. I did not think of a toy plane :-)


Its not only plane but flight!!!!!!

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