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  5. "Sköldpaddorna äter fisk."

"Sköldpaddorna äter fisk."

Translation:The turtles eat fish.

January 5, 2015



Do turtles really eat fish?!


The ones I remember ate pizza. But then again they did live with a talking rat and fight crime, so they're probably not typical.


If it comes by, sure. Although they aren't nature's greatest hunters, they will often eat what comes in handy. Plants, berries, snails, insects and even fish if they get the chance.


It depends on the species. But yes, there are species of turtles, tortoises, and terrapins which eat fish.


Is there a difference between "turtle" and "tortoise" in Swedish? Seeing as one is a land animal and the other is aquatic...


Not really, no. If you want to be specific, you can say landsköldpadda or havssköldpadda.


I have a lot of trouble with the pronunciation of the word "Sköldpaddorna". In particular the beginning of the word which is "Sköld". With TTS I always hear kind of an F sound, but I don't think that's right... Can someone help?


It's not an F-sound, but a sort of middle between German/Scottish CH (as in Bach and Loch) and a H-sound. You can hear sound examples on the wikipedia page dedicated to the very phoneme ɧ.


Would anyone kindly post the full link? (The shortened link doesn't work in the app and I couldn't find this phoneme in the IPA chart on Wikipedia.


My Swedish friend says it's pronounced like a Spanish "J", like in Juan but I hear an "F" too


In English "The turtles eat fish" and "The turtles are eating fish" are have two very different meanings, but both translate to "skölpaddorna äter fisk". How do you know which meaning is intended?


There's this thread about this subject: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5954508


are "fisk" and "kött" plural nouns as in English? Example: "Look at all the fish (meat)."


Kött is an uncountable noun, which means that it only has a singular form. For example, in Swedish, you couldn't say "I have eaten three meats." when you are referring to it as you said. I wouldn't exactly say that kött is plural; it is just uncountable.


Why is it merely fisk instead of en fisk or fiskar?


We usually use fisk as a mass noun when we speak about it as food.
We could say en fisk, but then they'd only be eating one fish, which sounds unlikely. If we said fiskar, there would be a focus on either individual fish, as if the turtles were eating them one by one somehow, or on different fishes as in different species of fish.

In the same way, we usually say de äter kyckling 'they eat chicken' where kyckling is a mass noun too.


So fiskar would be used like the word fishes (which refers to more than one specie) whereas fisk would always only refer to one specie?


No, not quite:

  • de äter fisk = they eat fish (in general)
  • de äter en fisk = they eat a fish (a single animal)
  • de äter fiskar = they eat fish (multiple animals)

Neither corresponds to meaning one specific species.


the turtles eat fish, but mostly jellyfish, i think.


What is the "a" before äter?


The -na suffix in sköldpaddorna is for the definite plural, if that's what you mean.

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