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Can multiple people (kids and adults) use DuoLingo at that same time?

I downloaded Duo Lingo to my new android phone. My kids are in a Dual Immersion Spanish class in grade school, so they are way more advance than I am. Is there a way for all 3 of us to learn using Duo Lingo? If so, what do I need to do?

edited to add: The kids don't have their own email addresses, so how can I register for 3 separate accounts?

Thank you!!

January 5, 2015



The kids don't have their own email addresses, so how can I register for 3 separate accounts?

For multiple accounts, you will need different email addresses. If the kids are still not old enough to have email addresses, you can create 2 new email accounts in your name and use them for creating Duolingo accounts. Once the accounts are created, they can access one account each and progress with their language learning. From your end, you can follow their accounts to track their progress.

On a side node, a new school version of Duolingo is going to be launched on the 8th of this month. You can probably wait to see if it launches some features that you can leverage for your purpose. You can check out on this at the below link.


This seems like a commonsense feature that should be added to DuoLingo. It is one of the reasons that our classroom uses a paid product instead. But, I find DuoLingo to be better for the kids.


You can have 3 separate accounts. There is no rule against family members using different accounts. If your question is different please re-format it.

EDIT: You can always just make email accounts but if you don't want to do that I suggest that you just have 1 person use it for a certain period of time, then the next person, etc...


To add to this, if you are using the website, you can sign 1 person in per browser (firefox, chrome, safari, etc.) if you don't want to log out.

Please make sure that if your youngins use the website, everyone knows and follows the Guidelines to make sure you don't get an IP ban. That would be a total bummer. :(

Also, feel free to check out the WIKI. It has an extensive Duolingo FAQ and several How-to guides. ^_^


If i was you I would just log out and such

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