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  5. "Ólaim beoir."

"Ólaim beoir."

Translation:I drink beer.

January 5, 2015



How is "I am drinking beer" different?


While some other languages don't have a separate structure for the present continuous, both Irish and English do.

The Irish for "I am drinking beer" is Táim ag ól beorach (beorach is the genitive of beoir, which is required in this construction.


because the verbal noun -drinking leads to two consecutive nouns


Is there a reason you can't also say "a beer" as the English allows... Perhaps, in that case the "a" would have to be translated to "aon" so, "olaim aon beoir"...?


Irish has no indefinite article so beoir is either "beer" or "a beer".


Right, which is why I figured "Olaim beoir" could be translated into English as "I drink beer" (which feels a little less common) or "I drink a beer" (which was marked as incorrect).


The third example here suggests that Irish would include the word for the vessel being used (glass, bottle, etc.) rather than how an unadorned “beer” might be used in informal English.

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