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  5. "¡Llama al doctor!"

"¡Llama al doctor!"

Translation:Call the doctor!

July 24, 2013



¡¿Doctor Quién?!


"El Doctor está en el TYDREE (Tiempo Y Dimenciones Relativos En Espacio)."

Does anyone know if this is actual Spanish or just pseudo-Spanish? Either way, TARDIS isn't TARDIS in Spanish.


No. It is TARDIS but it have other meaning


The formal imperative is Llame. Por ejemplo:: Llame para más información. (Call for more information.)


Could I also say, llama el doctor? Or must it be "al" like "call to the doctor"?


I think the 'a' is the "personal a", but I'm not 100% sure so hopefully if I'm wrong someone will correct me.


It is the personal a.


Rene, llama el doctor would mean that the doctor is calling, i.e., el doctor llama. Call the doctor is llama al doctor. Remember that in Spanish we use llamar a when calling to someone.


It would be: "Llame al doctor/médico".


why not llame? cuz before "miren alli" look there, not "miran alli" .. i'm quite confused


Hello. For tu, if the command is positive (ex: call the doctor) the verb is the same as what is used for 3rd person present indicative (llama) . If it is negative (ex: do not cal the doctor), the verb is 2nd person present subjunctive (llames)

refer to http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/100064/t-commands#.VZlB8vmqqko for more information


gracias, here's a lingot


Because Duo is using the 'tú' imperative which is derived from the 3rd person indicative mood, present tense (usted), which is 'llama'. But, 'lleme' is the usted affirmative command (this is wild, I know). Some books say take the 3rd person Present Mood, present conjugation and change the 'a' to 'e'. Others say take the 1st person indicative and remove the 'O' and add an 'e'. Both ways it works out the same. But the main reason for the difference lies with Duo. It chose to use the 'Tú' instead of the 'usted'.

You can look at this link and toward the end you can see the whole conjugation for 'llamar'



Why is it llamEN al doctor, and llamA al doctor??


Hola takyon43: It all depends on to whom you are speaking. Speaking to one person who you know and who is your friend: "Llama". Speaking to one person who you do not know or is someone with whom you use a formal tone: "Llame". Speaking to a group of people: "Llamen". [There is another form in Spain that I do not use and therefore will not comment on.] CHAU


Imperatives come in formal (tu) and informal (Usted) forms. llama = you (my friend) call and llamen = (you, people superior to me) call -- singular formal = llame If you tell your friend not to call, it is 'no llames'


Hay un doctor en la casa?


Llama a la partera!


It was my understanding that in Spanish when you want to call out "Call a doctor!" You woild actually say "!llama al doctor!" If so "call a doctor" would be what I would expect the english translation to be. Or is that not correct?


Creo que estoy enfermo. No he tenido mi medicina en más de una semana. Mi mente está bien, pero mi cuerpo se siente débil.


It's true that the imperative mood is conjugated the same as the present tense of the Subjunctive Mood (aka Present Subjunctive) except the Tú Imperative,. affirmative, as it is conjugated the same as the present tense of the Initiative Mood, 3rd person singular. Therefore it would be llama. Edit: the person I was responding to :donna382364 disappeared from the discussion. Here check it out:http://www.spanishdict.com/conjugate/llamar


What is the most common use for doctor? Médico or doctor? Or both?


I learned "médico" (rather than doctor) but you could use either one.


"physician" no puede, dice DL


Sometimes it's 'al doctor' or 'un doctor' I think al doctor is very specific like if you were a resident in a small village and someone said call THE doctor there would only be one obvious call to make as the village will likely only have the one, whereas if you you were in a strange town and needed medical assistance you would say call A doctor, meaning any doctor will do.


I thought I was reading English for a second but the grammar was really bad like I thought it was supposed to say call the llama doctor! LOTIBIWFETLOL!

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