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Keeping in touch with the language.

[deactivated user]

    Hey you, guys!


    Post some recommendations of tv shows, movies, music or any other thing in Dutch, so we can explore more of the language.


    January 5, 2015



    A Dutch song that many people love is "Mag ik dan bij jou" by Claudia de Breij: http://youtu.be/M2CeKDbW3bI

    Another suggestion is "Oceaan" by Racoon: http://youtu.be/gwT5fue4YMs or the hugely popular "Sexy als ik dans" by Nielson: http://youtu.be/Z2dw4Z1BGIc

    If you don't mind music that is more alternative, then you might want to give the music by "De Kift" a try. http://youtu.be/z-DOCcLyY1Y

    You can find many Dutch language tv-shows and sometimes also movies on npo.nl (the website of the public broadcaster) or rtlxl.nl (commercial tv). I'm just not sure you can watch everything abroad due to geo-restriction:/

    There's a popular channel on youtube called StukTV, in which 3 guys perform challenges. I believe you can switch on Dutch subtitles on most of them to make it a bit easier. http://youtu.be/r9rm2R-Hh4A


    Did those guys just move the border 10 km into Belgium?


    Yes, that was their way of "conquering" Belgium^^

    [deactivated user]

      Hey, thanks for the suggestions. By the way, loved the "Goud" song.


      You're welcome, glad you liked it:)

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