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  5. "What is her age?"

"What is her age?"

Translation:Vad är hennes ålder?

January 5, 2015



Would you really say that? Is "Hur gammal är hon?" not more likely?


You could use that as well, but the point here is to teach the word "ålder".


Why isn't "Vad är sin ålder" accepted? :(


The use of "sin" requires a subject (since it reflects back to the subject of the sentence). Therefore, you need "hennes" here.


Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think that is like asking "What is her own age?" in Swedish. Doesn't really work.


Because it would mean "What is herself age"


"Her" is a possessive determiner, not a reflexive object. "Herself" in Swedish would be "sig själv", not "sin".


Why is it hennes and not henne?


Hennes means her(s) as is used when she's the owner of something. ("Hennes ålder", "Bilen är hennes")

Henne means her as is used when she is the object of an action. ("Jag ser henne")


What are the conditions that dictate whether I use sin or hans/hennes, etc?


If you say han/hon/den/det/de and you're then referring back to the subject, it's sin/sitt/sina. If you're referring to someone else's things, it's hans/hennes/dess/deras

Han äter hans mat = He eats his (someone else's) food

Han äter sin mat = He east his (his own) food


I still can't get clearly when to use all these sin/hennes


Well, the rule is as I explained. If the subject is later also the owner of something, it's sin/sitt/sina. If it's someone else owning something, it's hans/hennes.


I'm just curious about how some Swedish questions are formed, I thought I understood but maybe not since I thought the correct translation would be " Vad ålder är hennes"?


Swedish doesn't use vad the way English uses what as in "what age", instead we use vilken/vilket/vilka. Secondly, asking "vilken ... är hennes?" is reserved for asking about objects ("which ... is hers?") rather than abstract things like age.

That said, a question can be formed with vad the way it's used above, like vad är hennes ålder? or vad är två plus två? for asking about a number.


Ah I see makes sense! Tack


Isnt ålder plural? I thought it should be år


No, those are two different words. "Ålder" translates to "age" and "år" translates to "year". The indefinite plurals for the two are "åldrar" and "år" again, respectively.


"Vad har hon för ålder? Sounds more swedish to my duo-ears but it's not accepted.

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