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  5. "What actually happened?"

"What actually happened?"

Translation:Vad hände egentligen?

January 5, 2015



Is faktiskt not a valid choice here instead of egentligen?


You can use faktiskt in statements to show that something is surprising or similar, but this is a question, so it sounds very peculiar to use it.


Any reason verkligen is not accepted?


I asked my Swedish coworker. He couldn't explain why, but he wouldn't use it in this sentence.


So there are two words for 'really' right?

I believe 'Verkligen' is to describe something in a positive manner/ to agree the tone (if you get what I mean), e.g Maten är verkligen god; Jag gillade verkligen det.

'Egentligen' is like in a negative tone on the other hand, like to disagree what we have thought, e.g. in this sample sentence: I thought you died in a fire but you showed up at work the next day, vad hände egentligen?/ or with my previous example: Maten är egentligen god as I thought this was a terrible restaurant!

This is just what I believed is right, but I'm also a beginner, so please correct me if it's wrong.


Why is it egentligen and not egentligt?


egentligt is an adjective, egentligen is an adverb

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