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  5. "We will start a group."

"We will start a group."

Translation:Vi ska starta en grupp.

January 5, 2015



Kan man använda "Vi ska börja en grupp." här?


No, börja just sounds wrong in that sense.


But in a previous comment on starting the car, we were told that starta is for machines. I'm confused.


Ok, it's not exclusive to machines.

The important thing is that börja is intransitive, meaning it cannot have an object of action.


"Börja med en grupp" would sound natural to me though?


Good observation. To me, it seems that you can "börja med" something, but not synonymously to "starta". Like, you'd start an engine, but you'd "börja med" something in a more abstract sense.


I think it's:

starta = to start, börja = to begin

So it wouldn't make sense "to begin a group"


You can even say Vi kommer starta en grupp. It worked for me


Why is "Vi ska starta en grupp" wrong?


Is att grunda too far from the meaning of att starta here?


It means to found something, like a school or something similar. Could work with a band.


I'm annoyed that I'm getting corrected on skal for ska, i thought ska was just pronunciation and skal was the written form. Ditto for de and dom


skal is totally wrong since it means shell.
skall is an older and more formal version which is accepted in many places, including here, but most people use ska even in formal writing today so in real life I'd recommend never to use skall at all.

For de, the most normal way is to write de but pronounce it dom. The spelling dom should be accepted everywhere (if it isn't, just report it – except if it's a listen-and-type exercise, because there's a problem with getting the machine to accept spelling variation in those). But most people actually write de, not dom, so that's what we teach in the course.


I am also very annoyed at getting corrections for "skall" all the time. It is not uncommon in southern Sweden.


Keep reporting it when it's not accepted in translations and we'll add it eventually, but also please have some patience with us, we have tons of error reports. (it won't work in dictation exercises and we can't add it for those even if we wanted to)

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