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New translation; my first grade report; hurray ????

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Today (6th Nov 2012) I got my first grade report; it looks neat, shows your translation, what Duolingo considers the best translation and the grades from other users. So far, so good... BUT: 1. I got the report two weeks after having done the translation... which means the time between the translation (=my effort) and the reward (=the grading) is much too long to have a positive effect on my motivation/learning. I suggest that preliminary skillpoints should show up in your stream, to be changed after the grading process. 2. You get a grade report for each sentence, which, considering the number of sentences we do it just cloggs your mailbox. Of course you can unsubscribe getting grade report in your notifications, but then you never have chance again if you really want to have a look... why not add a "grading reports" in the top line of Duolingo ? 3. In the process of changing the translation section the number of bugs there seems to be increasing: not being able to switch to a different sentence to translate or grade; editing or accepting edits of others are not implemented etc. What do you think ?

November 6, 2012


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