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So much great potential but Portuguese is more alpha than beta

"We don't have a litre beer" I find it disappointing that there are many official translations like this that are just not English or are a little bizarre. I know putting together a program like this is a lot of work but it wouldn't have been difficult to at least have an English-speaker look at the English parts and error-check. Until this had been done, it should not have been released even in beta. It has undermined my whole faith in what is an otherwise admirable project. Duolingo needs people from the language-learning community to act as ambassadors but such sloppiness will mean such people cannot make a positive recommendation. It arrived over a month after it was promised and this extra time does not appear to have been used to check content. You would never find such mistakes in a book and if Duolingo is meant to be an improvement on such home study, well this failing is sad, sad as it was wholly avoidable given extra care prior to beta release.

November 6, 2012

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hanks for your feedback! Our English-speaking specialists are working on improving the quality of our translations, and on fixing the mistakes that are reported to us through feedback.

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