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  5. "Jag ska sluta äta kött."

"Jag ska sluta äta kött."

Translation:I will quit eating meat.

January 5, 2015



is it me or "ska", "sked" and "skjorta" are writting similar and are years light distanced in pronunciation? :)


It has something to do with the long or short vowel following the sk/j


Not long or short, but what we call soft (e, i, y, ä, ö) or hard (a, o, u, å).
sk sounds like 'sk' before the hard vowels, but before e, i, y, ä, ö you get this softer sound which is similar to sh or ch.


"äta" is an infinitive form, right ?

So "I will stop to eat meat" should be accepted, no ? Even if it doesn't sound like proper and elegant English ;)


As far as I understand, "I will stop to eat meat" means something different in English – it doesn't mean I will quit eating meat, it means I will stop moving or whatever, in order to then eat meat.


Kind of like stopping at a Charcoal Grill for a dirty kebab on the way back from the club...


Yes. I can see why it is not accepted here. How would you translate "I will stop to eat meat" to avoid confusion?


I wrote "I will finish eating meat", which was not accepted ... why isn't it acceptable? Thanks.


Because "I will quit eating meat" means to never eat meat again (or at least for a long time). "I will finish eating meat" means for example that you finish your steak you are eating for dinner. I guess it's like this

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