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What happens when I fail a lesson?

I fail far more lessons than I pass. Some days, if not most days, after a few fails I'll do a basic level one lesson just so I can have my daily flame and go to bed.

Does the Parliament of DL record what mistakes I made as well as what was answered correctly on those lessons I failed? If so, is this information used in the overall algorithms used to populate my future lessons?

I do not know nor seek to know the specifics of how this info is used- only to know if it is being used. If it is used, then I know the time invested in trying to pass it was not in vain- it will also help me in the long run by somehow guiding the next lessons. If it does not, then I'm probably trying to do stuff that I'm just not ready for and should back down until I pass more basic lessons with consistency. I'm fine either way- I'm just curious and would like to know.


July 24, 2013


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