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How long do you review your mistakes?

I spend at least twice the time it takes me to answer a question, incorrectly, on looking at my mistake and simply repeating to myself the mistake, and correction; I also spent a bit of time reviewing words I feel less sure of in the same manner, sometimes making connections to words I know personally, or simple ways to remember the gender/spelling. I also frequently look at the comments when I don't understand why I did something wrong, and almost always there is someone who has asked (And been answered) on the subject, and this is immensely helpful.

For example I just found out that Shoes are feminine, and spelled with two "s"s: La chaussure; I also decided that since "La ceinture" sounds like "center" it's a fairly easy way to remember that it's "Belt"; Center > (Of body roughly) area for a belt!

Too bad I don't earn points for forcing myself to learn from mistakes ;P

Anyone else do similar things? Or is Duolingo just a run'n gun for you?

July 24, 2013



I do this as well. I also actively try to visualize what each of the words/sentences are talking about. I find this helps with recall for me.


I also too, if I don't,the next lesson will have the same question and I will fail and loose a heart. I used to rush through and try to get the lesson done and when you try again, you lose again and it takes more than five times just to complete a lesson. The way you do it is what I highly suggest especially if you're learning a new language or doing really hard lessons. Keep in mind everyone learns at a different pace and it doesn't matter how long it takes you to do a lesson.


Practice what you have learned by using the Vocabulary section -you can build up points this way also. http://www.duolingo.com/word/fr/chaussure/Noun

Good luck

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