"Min mamma är polis."

Translation:My mom is a police officer.

January 5, 2015

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"A police" is wrong in English. Omit the a or add officer to the end


No, it occurs occasionally and we will allow it.


things that occur occassionally can still be wrong. I occassionally spell occassionally wrong, but it's still wrong.


The meaning is clear, especially for non English speakers so it's fair to allow it, as far as learning Swedish, not English, is the reason why we are here.


'My mother is a cop' works too ;)


One of the answers was, 'my mother is a police.'


Just to provide some apparently needed context for discussion on this thread, and not to take either side of the debate, here are some pages where the usage is discussed and a few brief words summary of their content:




A number of upvoted answers on those state "a police" is incorrect. The smaller comments there mention "The Wire", just as cayvie has mentioned it on this thread, but those who have left comments also say such things as "It's hard to tell if this is dialect, slang or jargon, but I believe the show is generally considered to be realistic in its use of language" and (from a different poster) "I think that usage is a regionalism."

Which isn't to say those regions aren't widespread, see http://www.grammarphobia.com/blog/2014/09/a-police.html for a few examples of where it has been used - and they are widespread, although not numerous. Also notably they are often in a highly colloquial, vernacular, or slang style. Even though this blog post finds references for the usage, it concedes 'We doubt that “a police” will slip into common usage.'

There is a lot more debate about it easily found, for just one example: http://www.usingenglish.com/forum/threads/101751-A-Unique-Collective-and-Uncountable-Noun-Police

I suspect the reason this keeps coming up is because learners are writing "My mother is police" without any article, and Duolingo is (mis)correcting them to "My mother is a police" as the nearest alternative in its list of accepted sentences. If this happens to you, and "... is police" does occur in your regional variation, rather than leave a comment here, why not use the error reporting facilities to report that your sentence should have been accepted. :) That way the course team can put it into the list of accepted answers. :)


Late reply, but you also have to consider that there are also people who use the English courses that aren't native English speakers (including myself). I suspect that's why they're a little bit more forgiving when it comes to certain accepted answers. :)


It now allows "my mother is police".


Why A policeman?


This sentence sounds like: min man är polis. Retrying it sounds nothing better than: min mam är polis. Is this common swedish pronunciation or just the quality of the sound fragment / voice generator?


Note: does not accept "My mama is a police officer"


Please see the top question of the FAQ for why "mama" isn't accepted: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/20444477/FAQ-for-the-Swedish-course


Police Constable should also be accepted, it's the traditional term for Police Officer in the UK. Granted a number of constabularies have changed to simply refer themselves as police. For example, in Derbyshire we have Derbyshire Constabulary and next door in Nottinghamshire, we have Nottinghamshire Police. However, constable is the term to refer to all police officers, regardless of rank, within the UK.


Why is mama not accepted? That is another word for mom in English, and they did not ask for mor (mother)?


Why does this not accept mama? It is another English word for mom, and it isn't asking for mor?


Why doesn't this one accept mama as an answer? It is another word for mom in English, and they didn't ask for mor (mother).


Just wondering-- in situations like this, an "en" or "ett" is not needed for it to translate as "a... _" Are there any rules about this??


My mom is a police - sounds wrong for me... The Swedish version sound also a bit of. Or am I just missing the point here :)


The suggested English version is My mother is a police officer. There's a long discussion about 'a police' in English in this thread, but it's just an accepted answer, you don't have to use it. Unfortunately we can't control what is shown as 'another correct answer' so this may be shown to you depending on what you input.
Min mamma är polis is totally normal in Swedish, it's the most natural way of saying it.


Thanks for the clarification. :) I'm using Duolingo on Android and there it showed 0 comments to this exercise when I clicked on the comments. Now on the web I see the comments you are referring to. As for the Swedish version: thanks here too for clarification. Learned something new :)


I know comments don't show up properly on mobile platforms, I really hope Duo will fix this soon!


Its interesting seeing how different english speaking regions can vary so much in the way they form sentences. Like in this example I would have considered "My mother is a police." improper english or an incomplete sentence. (Ex. my mother is a police....woman? Officer?) But I suppose Duo has to accommodate for all possible english translations.


So police and police officer are the same?


In some dialects of English, "police" can refer to a police officer. But in my dialect (Canada), "police" by itself doesn't refer to a single person. It's a collective noun for me.


How do you make the distinction between "the police" as a whole and "the police officer" as an individual?


"polisen" can mean both, and you need to figure out from context. You can specify an individual with "polismannen" (possible for any gender but biased towards male) or "poliskvinnan" (female). (The word "poliskonstapel" can also be used but sounds oldfashion.) For the police force one can use "Poliskåren". Often you can tell since one usually begin with undetermined "en polis" for an individual, but the police as a whole is always determined ("polisen").


Shoutout to the mods for accepting "cop"


I put "My mother is a police" and it worked. Made me laugh.


Could you say "my mum is in the police"?


”My mom is a police officer” didnt count...


Loving all the Swedish gender equality


I put "My mother is a police" because I'm a rebel like that. It worked.


Does this mean she is simply any member of police forces, or a high rank one (officer)?


Any member, nothing about rank.


My mother is the entirety of our police department


It's interesting to see other people commenting other ways on how they got their answers. :)


Why is it not: är en polis?


Swedish doesn't use the article for people being things like professions.


This sounds like "Min man är polis" at normal speed.


It honestly sounds correct to me.


Can it not be mom instead of mother?


Sure, that's also accepted.


Jag vet inte varför my svar är rätt men blir fel???


Is it also possible to say "Min mamma är poliskonstapel"? What exactly is the difference between these terms?


Is it also possible to say "Min mamma är poliskonstapel"? What exactly is the difference between these terms?


what's wrong with "my mamma"?


What would you say if you wanted to refer to "the police", as in the organization.


Mom should be counted as correct. Mor is mother, right? Momma is mom?


Why isn't mom correct? Isn't momma the informal word?

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