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"Het meisje heeft enkele kranten."

Translation:The girl has some newspapers.

January 5, 2015



I thought Enkel meant 'Single' ??


Yes, but not in this context. I added some examples some including a de woord (krant) and a het woord (boek), to make the destinction clear, I can imagine it can be quite confusing...

  • een enkele krant = a single newspaper
  • een enkel boek = a single book
  • enkele kranten = some newspapers
  • ik koop enkel kranten = I only buy newspapers
  • mijn enkel doet zeer = my ankle hurts (lit. my ankle does pain)
  • enkel vrouwen lezen kranten = only women read newspapers
  • enkele vrouwen lezen enkel kranten = some women only read newspapers
  • enkele vrouwen lezen enkele kranten = some women read some newspapers
  • enkele vrouwen lezen een enkel boek = some women read a single book
  • enkele vrouwen lezen een enkele krant = some women read a single newspaper
  • enkele bedden zijn niet dubbel = single beds are not double
  • enkel bedden zijn niet dubbel = only beds are not double

So if I'm not mistaken: as a noun it's ankle, as an adjective it's single or some and as an adverb it's only.


Thanks for the explanation! But still I cannot understand the sentences where it is used as 'only'. How do we identify that? Just remove the -e and it becomes 'only'? I thought the -e was according to de/het.


I also though the was a de/het ending. This is confusing.


Would a Dutch person use enkele or sommige ?


Depends on what you want to say. I (native speaker) would say: Het meisje heeft enkele kranten (the girl has some newspapers).

But when I say "het meisje heeft sommige (van die) kranten verloren" it's like " the girls has lost some (of those) newspapers".


I had this as select the missing word, enkel/enkele. Couldn't both work here? One meaning the girl has some newspapers, the other meaning the girl only has newspapers?


Yes, it's both possible though I guess they want a specific answer here.

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