"They are my apples."

Translation:Sono le mie mele.

July 24, 2013



Why is not "loro sono le mie mele" correct here? Is "loro" only for people? I don't understand "esse" here; is it like "those"?

July 24, 2013


The correct pronoun is "Esse sono le mie mele"
Usually we use "Loro" for people and animals, "essi/esse" for things.
HOWEVER in spoken language the pronouns "esso/a/i/e"(1) are VERY rarely used (they are mostly used in writing)
(1)DL correctly does not teach them

in my opinion, never use pronouns (esso/a/i/e or loro) for things
- you can omit it (like DL's phrase)
- you can replace it with other words (e.g. queste/quelle sono le mie mele)

In spoken language, if you use the pronoun "loro/esse" for things, the sentence sounds odd but perfectly understandable

May 7, 2019


Thank you for this explanation. I never understood before that 'loro' was not used for things

July 2, 2019


Thanks, pierugofoz. Wie heiss du?

May 29, 2019


thank you, cause i was perplexed

August 1, 2019


Merci pierugofoz pour les explications. Voici un lingot pour vous.

August 23, 2019, 6:35 PM


For anyone confused: Egli and Ella are the formal way/ old way/ conservative way, of writing Lui and Lei, Essi is the same as loro. They are only used in written form. When speaking, it's always Lui, Lei and Loro.

But I'm surprised Duolingo didn't allow for this, and allow 'Loro' as correct too. Personally I would have omitted both of them and just written " ...sono...etc"

December 19, 2013


I used "Sono ..." and I was marked correct. I hadn't heard of egli, ella or essi. But then I don't read Italian outside text books or instructions

July 8, 2018


My Italian professor from college said "Egli would only be appropriate for a formal letter, and then only if you were writing to the President of the Italian Republic."

July 2, 2019


I'm confused as to when to use miei and when mie

December 16, 2013


Miei is masculine, mie is feminine. Le mele is feminine (la mela) and therefore it has to be mie.

January 3, 2014


@767n Thanks for that explanation, it helps a lot.

May 25, 2019


why do we need to use 'le'?

August 17, 2013


the article is mandatory in italian, as it is in spanish and portuguese (not brazilian!)

September 7, 2013


Actually, you don't use the article that way in Spanish. "Son mis manzanas" is correct, whereas "son las mías manzanas" is not.

September 8, 2013


DorianGL is right, the article is not used like that in Spanish anymore, although it was used in Ancient Spanish (i.e. Don Quijote). It is still used like that in French, as well.

May 19, 2014


Actually it's not used like that in French. "Elles sont mes pommes" is correct whereas "elles sont les mes pommes" is not. The article would be needed if the sentence was "these apples are mine": "ces pommes sont les miennes".

June 2, 2014


@clnoy c'est exact. et accessoirement, vous maîtrisez parfaitement la grammaire française! :-)

May 25, 2019


In portuguese, the article is optional. Both "são minhas maçãs" and "são as minhas maçãs" are correct sentences but they would not be used in the same context.

June 2, 2014


Why we have to use (esse) ???I dont know .How can explain to me

June 13, 2014


Le mele sono il miei, is this also correct? If not, why?

June 5, 2016


le mele is feminine plural, il miei is just plain wrong as you've mixed up masculine singular "il" and masculine plural "miei".

You could say "Le mele sono le mie" - the apples are mine, but this is not the same sentence as the question, (esse) sono le mie mele is they are my apples. Most modern, non formal, Italian drops the personal pronoun at the beginning of the sentence, so you use the verb to determine the subject.

As I've just learnt from reading the other posts here, "esse, essa, essi, esse" are the "it" forms of lei/lei/loro which are only used for people.

November 3, 2017


I'm still having trouble knowing when to say "le mie" vs "i miei." Can someone please explain?

February 23, 2017


le mie - plural feminine

i miei - plural masculine

November 3, 2017


The first is for feminine nouns and the second for masculine.

July 14, 2018


I'm just wondering, why do you have the article "le" before "mie"? You aren't saying, "They are the my apples."

November 27, 2017


You don't say "the my apples " in English, but you do in Italian; it is just the way Italian grammar works. Perhaps if you think of it as "They are the apples of me" or "They are the apples (belonging) to me" it will help you remember. I think if you take into account the declination of the pronoun "They are the apples of me" is the 'correct' literal translation, it just doesn't sound natural to the English speaking ear, because our grammar condenses "the apples of me" to "my apples".

For example "You're not my boss" and "You're not the boss of me" mean the same thing and use both the forms above.

This is one of the delights in learning other languages - finding out that other languages approach coding ideas differently. When translating you'll find that it is rarely possible to translate word for word...it is best to read a sentence and understand it's meaning - see the picture it is describing - and then to decide how your language describes that picture. The differences in approach can be very enlightening - or just mildly amusing.

Hope that helps

December 26, 2017


Ok, so I see I am in the same boat as many of you who used "loro." I hate that this program marks things as wrong when it hasn't even taught them yet.

June 12, 2018


When it comes to the negative form "non sono le mie mele"? Is that grammatically true?

June 22, 2018


Sounds correct to me.

June 22, 2018


In the introduction, I thought I saw an example "é mio gato", so I wrote Sono mie mele and was marked wrong for not using the article. Did I miss something...I mean, besides "le"...

August 15, 2019

  • WRONG: "è̶ ̶m̶i̶o̶ ̶g̶a̶t̶t̶o̶" - "s̶o̶n̶o̶ ̶m̶i̶e̶ ̶m̶e̶l̶e̶"
  • RIGHT: "è il mio gatto" - "sono le mie mele"
August 15, 2019


Why not i miei instead of le mie?

June 7, 2018


because mela/mele (apple/apples) are feminine nouns. "i miei" is masculine plural and "le mie" is feminine plural to go with "mele" eg "le mie mele" (my apples).

June 7, 2018


Because mele is feminine plural and “my” in Italian has to agree with the noun it is referring to.

July 14, 2018


Woah, woah, woah! You don't get to take one of my lives for this ❤❤❤❤! It's ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ correct. Do you know how much time it takes to do those tests?!

August 8, 2018


What isn't it "sono I miei mele" ??? I am so confused on when fo include articles and when not to.

September 8, 2018


As you probably know by now, the definitive article is "le" for plural feminine nouns, "i" Is for masculine. Una mela, due mele.

November 27, 2018


I used 'Loro sono'. That should be correct too.

January 7, 2019


I think if the English sentence is 'THEY are my apples" then 'LORO sono le mie mele' should be accepted... I got it, that loro refers to people, but I think THEY refers to people as well... so if the English senctence was 'These are my apples' then sono is inappropriate, but it was written they, not, these...

August 21, 2019


Esse can be "it"? I mean, in this case esse works as they.....can it be used in the singular form?

March 8, 2017


i said 'loro sono le mie mele.' but duolingo said it was false. why?

August 23, 2017


Read older the posts - it's all there

November 3, 2017


Read older the posts - it's all there

November 3, 2017

[deactivated user]

    "Esse" It isn't used in italian

    November 12, 2017


    I'm confused. It says "Esse sonno le mie mele," but here it says "Sono le mie mele." When do you use which one?

    November 27, 2017


    I not understand "esse" and is not included in the words taught.

    March 29, 2018


    I agree with you Sejkol, if "esse" is not used in modern language, why to correct us the use of "loro"????

    May 14, 2018


    esse sono le mie mele

    June 7, 2018


    WHY IS LORO SONO incorrect, anyone ?

    June 21, 2018


    I think that it is a valid answer; did you report it?

    June 21, 2018


    You should be able to find the answer in the comments above to your question

    August 3, 2018


    Is this an Italian tongue twister?

    July 8, 2018


    You must be joking, right? Here, in the Test Out facility, you choose to only accept Esse sono le mie mele or Sono le mie mele, not LORO sono etc. Your crazy.

    July 11, 2018


    Do Italians ever say "ci sono le mie mele?" - or perhaps I'm getting confused with the "Ce" in French: ce sont mes pommes?

    July 13, 2018


    All through previous exercises loro sono has been perfectly acceptable for they are. Why not in this case?

    July 13, 2018


    After all this time it is still marking "loro" as incorrect and "esse" is the answer! Yet when I go to the discussion, the very top shows the correct answer being "loro". It seems DL notes "loro" as being correct, yet it still marks you wrong if you use it!

    July 22, 2018


    Why "loro sono le mie mele" wrong?

    July 18, 2018


    I don't understand what is going on, first time I wrote "sono ..." but apparently "esse" was the right answer ,then the second time I wrote "esse" and apparently I was still wrong and the right answer was "sono" ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    July 18, 2018


    This is muddled and inconsistent

    July 24, 2018


    Why is Loro sono.

    July 30, 2018


    So the question I had beforecthis one was 'they are my fish" and that did have loro. So why did this one not?

    August 16, 2018


    I initially said "loro sono le mie mele" and they said it was wrong and I had to use Esse. I use Esse on the second go through and they tell me its wrong and I have to use Sono. Which is it?

    August 21, 2018


    I guess "esse" was used in the old timey Italian, but Duolingo randomly puts it into our practice. So weird

    August 23, 2018


    I put loro and it said it was wrong and to only put 'sono le mie mele' why though when its been telling us to use loro?

    August 27, 2018


    The translation I just received was, Sono le mele mie. No one is perfect, afterall !

    September 30, 2018


    "Loro sono le mie mele" is not incorrect.

    November 19, 2018


    Why 'Loro sono le mie mele' is incorrect translation?

    November 25, 2018


    Loro means they. Why is that wrong?

    January 15, 2019


    Eho csn tell me when do you say "le mie" and when "i miei". Help

    January 30, 2019


    I guess you shouldn't use 'loro' for things.

    March 19, 2019


    Why can't I say "Loro sono le mie mele? I don't understand when to use "loro" or when not to.

    March 29, 2019


    still rejecting loro sono le mie mele.

    May 7, 2019


    Say what???? I wrote "Loro sono le mie mele" and it was marked wrong. Errrrgh. '

    May 10, 2019


    I don't understand either; and I guess I won't get an answer either. It's a pity Duolingo doesn't have someone to explain when things like this occur instead of leaving students fend for themselves with no way to get back here. I had included "loro" as well.

    May 21, 2019


    I know I am correct with Loro sono le mie mele !!!

    July 17, 2019


    Esse sono le mie mele. i see

    July 20, 2019


    Please, this app has never shown that word before, (esse )

    July 23, 2019


    loro sono mie mele ?

    June 19, 2017
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