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  5. "Il gatto bianco è giovane."

"Il gatto bianco è giovane."

Translation:The white cat is young.

July 24, 2013



I like how languages are similar and related! In Persian (Farsi) which is my language giovane is "Javan".


Yeah you are right, I knew that. thank you :) EDIT: That tree is awesome ! I hadn't seen that before, thanks again.


Yeah! Isn't it amazing? Found it in a quick Google search. Looks like it has everything ;)


Yeah it is amazing!


How can i say "the young white cat" ? Il gatto bianco giovane?


Il giovane gatto bianco, giovane is in a category of adjectives which usually go before the noun, like bello, grande, nuovo, and many more


My keypad does not support accented letters so, I fail to see why you say I am incorrect when I type exactly the same sentence as you but without the accents


The accents are important in romance languages. It's the difference between "a tear rolled" and "a head rolled" in French, for example. You can Google how to turn on the International English keyboard for your computer; your phone should show accents if you hold down the key for a second.


Why does it sometimes pronounce the "E" as an "I", like the "E" in "giovane" in this case?

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