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"A lot of money was earned that night."

Translation:Tuilleadh an-chuid airgid an oíche sin.

January 5, 2015



I'm pretty sure the reverse translation of this was "Tuilleadh go leor airgead an oíche sin." Any reason that shouldn't be an acceptable translation?


One reason why it may have been marked incorrect, is that you need to put airgead in its genitive form, airgid. (a lot of money). When I did this, it was marked as correct.


Your probably right it was airgead I had wrong


I was expecting a lán but got an-chuid, then discovered cuid mhór in the dick 'n' harry. Thanks DL. This is the way to learn new stuff!


Any reason why a lán was not accepted


I just had it accepted with "a lán", but you need to make sure you have the genitive case of airgead: "Tuilleadh a lán airgid ar an oíche sin."


Why is it airgid and not airgead, when should you use one and not the other?


airgid is the genitive of airgead, and you use airgid where the genitive is required.

The word "of" in English is often a trigger for the genitive in Irish.


Does the word "chuid" have any relation to the English money reference "quid"?


According to the NEID go leor, a lán, mórán and cuid mhór are all used as translations for a lot.

Are these all acceptable translations are are there certain circumstances where one would be more appropriate than the others?


This is the past autonomous. It would be better translated as "One earned a lot of money that night", but can, in some cases, have a passive flavor.


Why an chuid airgid not go leor airgid


It's not an chuid, it's an-chuid. That hyphen is important because this an- is a prefix that means "very" or "great", and an-chuid means "a great portion/share" (a very large amount).


Is aoibhinn liom Duolingo, faighim na fréagraí do ceisteanna nach chuir mé aon ceist ann. I could never work the hyphen with regard to too much ect


So would 'go leor' be followed by the genitive?


airgead go leor, go leor airgid

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