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How German sounds compared to other languages (funny video)

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I think the Duolingo community (and especially those learning one of the languages covered in this video) would quite like this video:


Part 2 also got made recently:



July 24, 2013



everyone says it sounds harsh but I love it!!


Obviously this is intended to be comedic, but looking at a lot of the YouTube comments makes me sad. A lot of people there actually think German sounds ugly and harsh.:(


Yes, because it's so hard to understand with all the costumes and exagerrated screaming that this is comedy...


Hmm, I am not trying to badmouth it, but compared to many other languages, ironically most other Germanic languages too, Hochdeutsch is relatively harsh sounding. I don't think that's a bad thing, but from trying to learn myself, I do find it very hard to picture the sound of a softly spoken German accent - when I do, it is always Swiss, Plattduutsch (sp?) even Pennsylvania Dutch accents that come to mind before the 'standard' accent...

It's a bit like, a posh English accent is always going to grate on some people's ears, while a Liverpudlian accent is going to grate on someone else's. I wouldn't take the criticism too seriously.


I think that you can't deny that it sounds harsh, but harsh is not equal to ugly. Yes, it sounds harsh, but also unique. I like it also. GERMAN IS LANGUAGE LIKE ANY OTHER!!!!!!!! LOT OF LOVE FOR GERMAN ;).


I have been told that the word for 'butterfly' in the main European languages is the only one that is completely different in all of them.


Words for butterflies are truly amazing and diverse. Here is the butterfly page with the word for butterfly in most of the world's main languages. It is very interesting and the diversity is immense, but you can make out some basic roots. http://butterflywebsite.com/articles/saybut.htm


Here's a much more entertaining (and in the follow up informal) play on that same idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2UHboNFQ38

The follow-up basically dispels the myth of German being "scary" put forward by the 1st. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VEoU_5HDGs


my mother tongue is Portuguese and my throat actually hurts after a while of speaking German!!! ahaha thanks for sharing!


Because I am not a language purist, I am sort of compelled to say this: I've always thought English sounds more beautiful with a Latin accent. Maybe you should try the same with German :)


Haha, this made me laugh :)


German here who nearly fell off her chair laughing. That's brillant!


it sounds funny


Made my day :-) However, they should put a warning in the title: "Please don't eat or drink while watching!" fetching.a.rag


The guy who speaks italian has an awful pronounciation! He should learn it for real haha


hahaha very difficult to learn


Made my day hahahaha


Hahahahhaahahaha!!! Totally! That's whay I love French!! :D It is so pretty


Haha, really liked it! =)


I'm dying right now, I keep repeating the german form of sex lol


this is hilarious, even though it's greatly exagerrated

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Very, very funny! Congratulations!

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