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Tablet: Include Tips for Lessons please!

Love the Android tablet app. Could you include the tips section from each skill in there somewhere? I find time to work from my tablet here and there, but if I get stuck with grammar I have to go and dig out a PC. What is this, 2009? But seriously, it would be cool to have the tips (and maybe the discussions?) available through the tablet versions.

July 24, 2013



Glad you're liking the Android app, danmarts! More features will be included in the app in upcoming updates.


Could this also be integrated for the Apple products? I like to work on my iPhone on my commute to and from work but I have the same problem with danmarts with the grammar, especially with German.


Tips and notes very much lacking on Android App, is there any chance they can be integrated? Otherwise there's very little real way of gaining useful knowledge using the app and it just feels like a random guessing game.

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