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  5. "The heavy boy drinks tea."

"The heavy boy drinks tea."

Translation:De zware jongen drinkt thee.

January 5, 2015



Hey, the 'Zware Jongens' are also the thugs from the Donald Duck comic ^-^


I entered "De zware jong drinkt thee" correct answer uses plural ("jongen") despite the question being in singular?


Jongen is singular.

  • de jongen = boy
  • de jongens = boys
  • het jong = the infant/cub
  • de jongen = the infants/cubs

Clearly the word boy is a lot more common, only in specific contexts of animals with cubs does one think about the meaning cub. In all other contexts I would normally think about an error/typo when plural is used with jongen, before thinking about the meaning of cub.


Difference between zwak and zware?


weak resp. heavy

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