"Pojkens smörgås"

Translation:The boy's sandwich

January 5, 2015

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Can I use the "s" in any name form? For example: pojkes, pojkens, pojkars and pojkarnas


Generally, yes, as long as the word doesn't already end in an s. :)

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    Does "a boy's sandwich" translate as "en pojkes smörgås"?


    So the -s- ending can be used in every word to show the possession? for example: "Kattens apelsin", "Hundens ost" and "Kvinnas barn", "Mans jordgubbe"? What about the words that end in -s?


    Yes, with only a few mostly archaic exceptions. If it already ends in an s, you don't need to do anything. If it ends in an s and it's really, really ambiguous, you can write s' instead - but it's strongly recommended that you rewrite the sentence to make it less ambiguous rather than that.


    So what is "the boys' "?


    the boys sandwich wha is tthe problem


    There's a difference between boys, boy's, and boys'.


    "Pojkens smörgås" means the boy's sandwich. But what if I want to say "the boy's sandwiches". Does it become "Pojkens smörgåsar" or do I have to change "pojkens" aswell? Does "pojkens" change if I'm talking about "the boy's sandwich" or "the boy's sandwiches"?


    Correct, that's pojkens smörgåsar - the boy doesn't change. :)


    In my last lesson, using the computer, when i press the button to repeat the words It automatically says correct and I haven't even begin to speak . It is something with the program or my computer?

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