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microphone not working

November 6, 2012



I want to use the microphone, and it works fine for Dragon Naturally speaking, but Duo Lingo says "I can't hear you very well" or "I couldn't understand that". Have you considered adding a place on the site where users can test their microphone and see the audio level being received? Also, the dialect in the German lessons does not accept the hard "ch" and "ig" that are common in northern dialects, it's uncomfortable speaking the softer sounds when my German speaking peers use the hard sounds.


My mic worked fine using Internet Explorer but not Chrome. I googled how to increase or boost my mic volume and now I no longer have trouble on Chrome or Skype for that matter.


I am having the same problem in only some sentences, I am doing french and the microphone works well with most sentences then gets stuck in other phrases. I even tried recording the computer speaking and it still doesn't recognize the phrase. Annoying when doing a timed test.


Mine is getting stuck today. It hasn't done this before.


For Chrome users on Mac OS, I found the following fix. Open Safari and download Adobe Flash Player from http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/
Note that Chrome already comes with Adobe Flash installed, but for some reason Duolingo does not recognize it unless you install Adobe Flash from Safari. After the installation, you should be able to use the microphone fine using Chrome.


I might got a solution for the Chrome users: in the right-upper corner, left to the bookmark symbol, one can see a deactivated camera sign. Click on it and grant Duolingo access to your microphone, it will demand to reload the page and then it should work for everyone.


Thanks for the suggestion, but mine was already set to the correct setting--although I was unaware of this shortcut before. : ) It must be a problem with the duolingo site.

[deactivated user]

    Similar to Beatles-Musician's suggestion, this worked for me:

    At the beginning of the address bar there is a little green padlock symbol. Next to it is https:/www.duolingo.com.....

    Click the green padlock. Click on the permissions tab. Where it says 'media' (second to the bottom) select 'always allow on this site'. *

    It will ask you to reload the page. Afterwards, go to your settings on duolingo and turn on the microphone.

    • I also clicked allow popups at this stage, I don't know if this had an effect.


    Thanks. That did it! Grazie mille!


    CONFIRMED fix for me on chrome. Thank you :D


    I just tried that and it didn't work. :(


    But did the icon change after the action?

    [deactivated user]

      What is the bookmark symbol and the deactivated camera sign? I can't see it.

      [deactivated user]

        Thank you for your help, unfortunately that symbol doesn't seem to show up on my browser :/


        I'd be glad to give some lingots for some useful advice in how to test and make the microphone work for Duolingo in Debian linux and Chromium browser.

        I have tried to make it work for almost a year without success. Other platforms seem to be working fine (such as Android and Samsung).

        Apparently, Flash extension in my browser should be configured for allowing Duolingo's website to use the microphone. But it does not solve the problem.

        Flash, Java and Debian are updated (last update).

        My microphone works well with other apps, so it is ok.



        I have a problem with French. I am also studying German, Spanish (and Portuguese, but it doesn't have the speaking parts). I don't have any problems with German or Spanish, but the French one does not seem to understand me. I know that my pronunciation is probably not perfect, but now, when it writes what it thinks I said, it has nothing to do with what I actually said. I say 'heureux', it writes down 'lcl', which makes no sense. A few days ago, the sentence was 'Il habite dans ce quartier', which is a pretty simple sentence, and what it wrote back (as something I said) was 'You are a bitch dans ses quartiers'. I have it printscreened for proof. It's really starting to annoy me, it is impossible for me to be SO far off when saying these sentences...


        Go to http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager07.html

        In the panel, click on the fifth tab, "Website Privacy Settings". Find duolingo.com, and then click "Always Allow".


        This is working :) here, have a few Lingots..


        I used to use the iOS app and speaking exercises were fine, now I switched to Android (Moto X) and they do not work at all (Hmmm... that doesn't sound right - every time). I went back to my iPhone, did the same lessons and speaking exercises were working perfectly. Anything I could do about it or it's up to Duolingo to fix it?


        You can solve this problem following the steps: 1 - Open this URL in your browser: http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager04.html 2 - In "Always trust file in these locations:" select "Add location" option. 3 - Write "duolingo.com" in "Trust this location" box. 4 - Click in "Confirm".


        This worked perfectly! Mine had been working well for months when it suddenly quit and I could not figure out why. Duolingo no longer appeared in my Flashplayer settings and I had to re-add it. Thanks adriano!


        For chrome, when it wants you to speak on the search bar on the top right you'll see a tiny video camera with a x on it click on it and enable the website. Enjoy


        Yes! That solves ! Here people ! The solution ! =D


        When I use the microphone learning German it always says correct - even if I don't speak.


        I am having this issue as well in French. Always correct even if no answer or intentionally wrong to test it.


        can we skip a sentence in pronunciation test?


        Who know how I can skip sentences with reading the text? I have a good microphone on PC but it has a bad echo. That makes me a big troubles with sound. On a mobile it is working perfect.


        I had same problem with some French phrases. My microphone was very low, so I raises microphone volume and I have oposite problem now. I can say almost anything (even some nonsence) and it is accepted as correct pronunciation, which is strange. Definitelly better, but not correct.


        I turned it off on my PC running chrome and I can't reactivate it.


        Cannot get microphone to work in either IE or Chrome. (It works perfectly well with other programmes) Very frustrating.


        I am having the same problem. I use Chrome.


        Mine is working again in Chrome. I'm not sure how. I plugged in a USB mic along the way and went back to the native PC mic. Maybe that "fixed" it.


        Je suis francophone et j'apprends l'anglais . Le micro fonctionne très mal. Sinon, c'est un jeu génial.


        You might want to check your firewall settings. My office's firewall turned out to be the problem for me. I'm able to use the same computer and configuration when I switch to my personal internet connection.


        mic still not working in Crome on MBP...


        Glad i'm not the only one


        when I click on the microphone and I say the words it doesn't work. I tried it again and again but it still doesn't work my other people say that it works very well. maybe I did something wrong or it just well not work

        [deactivated user]

          take a look at my comment above if you're using chrome.


          I am using Chrome and having no luck. Boo.


          Yay, Chrome let me turn on the microphone. Gave me a prompt under the menu bar. Thanks Chrome!


          Mine doesn't even have a place to click, before you say the words in french!! UGH


          I was having problems in Chrome with the microphone. I turned off my Ad Block software for this page and it appears to be working now. Perhaps this will work for someone else?


          From Duolingo Help:

          My speech input is not working. What can I do?

          Duolingo requires the Adobe Flash plugin to accept speech input, so first ensure that you have Flash installed. If Flash is installed but speech input is still not working, try refreshing the web page in your browser. If this does not fix the problem, try closing and reopening the browser. If none of these solutions work, make sure you do not have any browser extensions installed that would block the Flash plugin. Some extensions known to interfere with Flash include Ghostery, Adblock, Flashblock, and DNT.


          Il microfono non funziona


          The microphone doesn't work very well at detecting a foreign language on Chrome, but it works great on Safari.


          It dosen't even show up for me


          I am having trouble with the microphone. Seems like a common problem. I first started using the program in Chrome and it wasn't working, so I switched to Firefox and it was fine. Today when I used the program in place of the microphone icon there was a button saying Flash needed to be updated. After I updated Flash I couldn't use the microphone in any browser (Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer).


          Can't hear April 2015


          I orphaned not working April 2015


          Microphone is not recognizing Spanish What should I do ?


          I am having the same problem. I use Chrome.


          I use duo lingo on my iPad and it hardly ever works, settings seem fine. Any ideas?


          Hi! Does anyone have a fix for Opera? Thanks!


          I was having this problem but seem to have fixed it. (I am using mozilla firefox but this may apply to other browsers. You have to right-click on the microphone symbol (when you have a speaking question), this opens up Flash Player settings. Choose microphone settings and adjust the volume so it isn't too load or too soft (you don't want it to go to red when you speak normally). You might also need to change your sound device here as well, if it doesn't work. After I did this, duolingo started understanding me! -Seb.


          That only works if you get pronouncing exercises. I even get them. And none of the above advises could helped me (Flash settings, deactivated Firefox addons, Firefox security settings...)


          The microphone on my iPhone 6S is not recognizing the Spanish phrases at all. Same thing as other comments below, "I can't hear you very well" or "I couldn't understand that " Is there a fix for this? App is pretty useless without voice recognition.


          My microphone doesnt works in the Android application, but through the browser works ok.


          I have tried to used couple different microphone headsets and neither work - Duolingo cannot hear. I wish there was some sort of technical support to adjust settings. I am not able to practice the speech segments at this point.


          Follow this steps below: 1 - Using the right mouse button, click above the "Speaker" icon. 2 - Choose the "Global settings" option. A new tab page will be opened. There is a menu on the left side with the "Settings manager" title. 3 - Click on "Website Privacy Settings panel" and find and select the "www.duolingo.com" and then "Always allow". 4 - On the right menu, click on "Website Storage Settings panel" and find and select the "www.duolingo.com" and then "Always allow". 5 - Close the Duolingo page and open again.


          How can you make them hear you? You speak loud, but they don't hear you. That's great!


          I can use the mic on Chrome but there are too many ads. so i don't want to use it.Instead i use Yandex everything is perfect but i can't even speak in speaking activity it doesn't even let me speak it just says i can't hear you i don't know what to do


          When my mic stopped working suddenly this morning, I too was puzzled and tried all the suggestions I could find on the Duolingo website without success. However I solved the problem in a different way: going into Windows Control Panel, I clicked though to Audio Devices and noted that my Bluetooth headset was set as the default for recording and not my webcam. On changing that, it worked again. I don't know why this should be the case as I didn't change it from the webcam in the first place and I guess when I next use my Bluetooth headset with Dragon Naturally Speaking it won't work! but at least it's now working in Duolingo in Chrome.


          Ich will mein Mikrofon zulassen!


          All of the comments are here, where is duolingo's advice????


          mine says that same thing it works just fine on my gmail drivevoice speaking for my essay but not on duolingo


          using opera but microphone not working Help


          I’m using an iPad. My mic was working fine when I started. One day I couldn’t talk so chose the “can’t speak now” option. Since then all I get is “that didn’t sound right, we’ll try later”. Even on phrases I’ve said correctly before. I checked my settings on the iPad and Duolingo and my mic is on. Not sure how to fix this.

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